10.01.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Utah Obliterates Oregon

Did the thing everybody in the Pac-12 outside of Eugene has been waiting for finally happen? Is this it? Everybody gets bad eventually. Happened to Alabama. Happened to USC. Happened to Michigan. Happens. To. Everyone. Is Oregon dead/dying? We explore. Is Cal any good? Did Stanford figure out how to ground and pound like the old days?

We pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

10.01.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast

09.24.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Everybody is getting wise to Sark

USC inexplicably lost to Stanford, but that was the only Pac-12 loss this week. Somebody had to in this game. We try to temper our Jake Browning expectations and pick every game against the spread.

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09.24.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast

Jakey Cakes “Yeah bitch!”

Credit “GrundleStiltzkin” on Hardcore Husky boards.

H&F Archive:
The Real Takeaway Moment From Last Night

Sager Bombs

You’ll forget about Josh Hamilton eventually. We’ve all seen dingers before.

“Boo? Fuck you!” is one of the greatest responses in the history of responses. I can only hope to be booed in my immediate future because I am just LOOKING for an excuse to say this to someone. Thank you, Chase Utley. You shall never see a boo from me, good sir.

9.17.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Duckos Not Quite Enough For Sparty

Oregon played a good football game and barely lost and it doesn’t matter. WSU won in hilarious fashion. UW featured some good freshmen. Football is fun when those things happen. We pick every Pac-12 game against the spread.

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9.17.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast

09.11.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast – WSU Loses to Portland State?

Oh Cougs. What can you even do when it really gets down to it. Good for you for trying. Honestly.

We pick all Pac-12 games against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

09.11.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast

09.03.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Football is back!

A couple of jagoffs pick Pac-12 Football games against the spread every week.

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9.03.2015 Pac-12 Football Podcast

Ohio State vs Oregon Title Game Picks

The line we picked on was Oregon -6.

Fig Jam: Oregon
Constable Echelon: Oregon
Dirty Wurm: Ohio State (hero)

12.11.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Bowl Preview and Gary Andersen to OSU

Two years ago Wisconsin thought they were getting Mike Riley. Eventually a coach would indeed switch between those schools, but shockingly, it was Wisconsin’s head man moving to Corvallis. I don’t get it either. But hey! It doesn’t have to make sense!

Oregon stomped Arizona to punch their ticket for the title game, where everyone will root for them to beat FSU except for Florida and Washington.

We pick every Pac-12 bowl game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

12.11.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

12.04.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Middling Dawgs end on an up and championship week

Attaboys to Petersen, Kwiatkowski, and Smith. Walked into Pullman and gave WSU all they wanted and more, embarrassing the Cougs to give UW five out of the last six Apple Cups.

Elsewhere, UCLA choked away the South. They suck! We knew it all along! Stanford finished 7-5. They suck! We knew it all along. Arizona beat Arizona State to nab the South. Rich Rod can coach! We knew it all along! USC decimated Notre Dame. Everybody sucks there I’m not having anything else.

This week we look at whether Arizona can make it three in a row against Oregon. Man that must be nice. We pick that game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

12.04.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

11.27.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Rivalry Week Proper

UW got back on track and we love it. God bless those Huskies. Perhaps Mr. Smith can coordinate after all. I RETRACT NONE OF MY PRIOR PANICKING.

This week a bunch of schools play football games against schools that they were born to hate. UW-WSU. Oregon-Oregon State. Utah-Colorado. SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE.

We pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

11.27.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast