1.27.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Never Forget the New Mexico Bowl

Remember the New Mexico Bowl? We do.

We wrap up our season of terribly picking Pac-12 games against the spread by reviewing all the bowl action. Special attention is paid to WSU and UW. We are nothing but our biases.

We have an interesting sidebar about whether winning a big college football game should be the best day of your life, and what else should be in the “best day” discussion. We also note UW’s surprising success on the hardwood, and take a final opportunity for the year to poke fun at awful WSU hoops and their awful attendance from their awful fans (while noting here that to a man every WSU fan I’ve personally met is a fine upstanding person.)

We are nothing but our biases x2. Click the link below to enjoy!

1.28.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

12.19.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Tosh Lupoi scandal and bowl preview

Tosh Lupoi allegedly gave a kid some money to help him get his grades up so the kid could get into college. THE NERVE! What it means for USC and Washington (spoiler: nothing).

We pick all the bowl games using a highly scientific “Who’s happy to be here?” metric. Click the link below to enjoy!

12.19.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast

12.13.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Chris Petersen to UW

Blah blah Stanford won the conference again. Who cares? Washington dumped Sark on USC and hired one of the top coaches in all of college. We celebrate.

We also pick the All Condiment team for the second or third time ever. Exciting!

Click the link below to enjoy!

12.13.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast

H&F Archive:
Tiger wins Jesus Cup…beats God, Moses, Zeus amongst others

Bring it 

Sadly it seems to me that this article won’t be relevant to my generation for about another 10 years, so please “bookmark” this page and make the appropriate notation in your day planner to re-read on September 17, 2017.  

This is about golf.  More specifically about Tiger Woods (which will haved replaced the term “golf”as the actual name of the sport by 2017, so to make sure you understand your day planner entry, write ‘re-read article about Tiger Woods and his dominance of Tiger Woods’).  

This past weekend Tiger won the first ever FedEx Cup, and the 10 million dollar “retirement” bonus that comes with it.  Tiger won this cup by winning 3 of the 4 playoff tournaments and finished off the feat this weekend at the “championship”  by kicking the crap out of the other 29 finalists in the tournament and shooting a 23 under par, 257 total in four rounds.  In his last five tournaments on the PGA tour, Tiger is 75 under par….. 75. He won 10.8 million dollars this year, playing in only 16 events. 

God was beside himself for missing the 5 footer for birdie on 18 to force a playoff 

More amazingly, in his victory of the FedEx Cup, Tiger won something that he was largely responsible for creating.  The entire concept of a ‘playoff’ on the PGA tour is largely accredited to Tiger Woods’ (and to a lesser extent Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh and Ernie Els) constant lobbying over the past several years to shorten the PGA schedule and allow for a longer “off season.”  Now, for the average touring pro who is struggling to make a living, this sucks.  Fewer opportunities to make a paycheck.  But for guys like Tiger and Phil, it’s great.  The point is, however, that Tiger Woods is so dominant in his sport right now, that he is actually having to invent crap for himself to win.

Right now, Tiger Woods is so important to the sport of Golf, that when he lobbies to change the  internal structure of how the PGA is operated, he is successful.  This would be akin to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning petitioning NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to shorten the play clock in between plays because it would increase the challenge to them in running their ‘no-huddle’ offenses.  Sure it would screw everyone else who can’t get it right to begin with, but oh well, they weren’t going to win anyways.

I know most of the folks our age couldn’t give a damn about golf, but I thought it prudent to point out that Tiger Woods is probably the most dominant athletic force on the planet right now, and has been for sometime.  When it’s all said and done he will likely go down as the greatest athlete of all time (insert comment about how golf is not a sport here…. and also here).  Just remember where you were when he won umm… all the tournaments that he’s won, so you can tell your robotic grandchildren about it someday.

12.04.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Sark to USC, Washington open

Any news this week? Ol’ Sarky jumped ship back (scare quotes) home (/scare quotes) to USC leaving the puppy Dawgs in the lurch. Mora spurns an opportunity to go to UW. We spend the better part of an hour sorting through Sark, Mora, and various potential Washington coaches.

Oh and there were games last week! UW won the Apple Cup. The reeling Ducks nipped the reeling Beavs in the Civil War. Arizona State looked flat out dominant in beating Arizona in the Territorial Cup. And some other shit. SARK!

We pick the Pac-12 Championship game against the spread, but be real: It’s Sark Week. Click the link below to enjoy!

12.04.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast

11.28.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Thanksgiving Day Special

Real quick show as we sneak away from our families to spend not quite 20 minutes talking about rivalry week in the Pac-12.

Big development is that we christen the Colorado and Utah game: The Battle for the Pickaxe.

We pick all of this week’s games against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

11.28.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast

11.20.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – The Great Sark Debate

We go almost an hour (AN HOUR) this week. Discussion includes the Orgeron Trojans, Mariota as a passer, the remarkable decline in the accuracy of our picks, and – most of all – debating the future of Steve Sarkisian at Washington.

Will the Dawgs show up on the road in Corvallis? I SAY YES. Who wins the bowl-eligibility showdown in Pullman between the Utes and the Cougs? WE SAY SOMEBODY. Oh, and why the fuck is Idaho playing at Florida State this week? If any Vandals get injured in this farce, they and their parents ought to be able to sue.

All that and we pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

11.20.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast

11.13.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – We can’t believe Washington is about to blow this game at UCLA

Yeah yeah yeah Stanford beat Oregon again. Awesome. Who cares. CAN YOU BELIEVE WASHINGTON IS ABOUT TO GET BLOWN OUT BY THIS AVERAGE UCLA TEAM? Us neither. #RoadSark

We pick all of this week’s games against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

11.13.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast

11.06.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – We break out the Sark impressions

We did not pick games well last week. Why did we think WSU would cover against ASU? Where was the raucous Pullman Halloween crowd I envisioned? Wasn’t Reser supposed to be a house of horrors for the Trojans? I declare last week to be a blip, as it barely dented the comfortably plus-.500 against the spread picking record of your hosts.

This week: We both like Oregon to stomp Stanford. Ten points? That’s all? Be real, Vegas. Oregon easy. We also like the Sun Devil machine to keep rolling against Utah. UW? We’ll GUARANTEE a win, but not a cover. (HOW COULD THIS GO WRONG?)

We pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

11.06.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast

10.30.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – I make the obvious BJ Denker joke

Denker? Damn near killed her!

Washington scores 40 for once and handles a Cal team the Dawgs were way better than. Oregon ran away from UCLA. USC made Utah look inept.

How did the Utes beat Stanford? How did that happen? Only four games this week. I’ll be honest I’m most looking forward to Arizona State @ WSU. THESE TEAMS HATE EACH OTHER.

Fig Jam did great against the spread last week btw. Oh also we lost our connection for a minute at around 11:00 of this and I did a terrible job keeping the show going while I reestablished it.

All this and we pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

10.30.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast

10.22.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – 15 minutes of us bitching about Sark

We’re not happy with how Washington performed on the road against Arizona State.

We pick no games against the spread.

RIP Dawgfather.

Click the link below to enjoy.

10.23.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast