Ohio State vs Oregon Title Game Picks

The line we picked on was Oregon -6.

Fig Jam: Oregon
Constable Echelon: Oregon
Dirty Wurm: Ohio State (hero)

12.11.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Bowl Preview and Gary Andersen to OSU

Two years ago Wisconsin thought they were getting Mike Riley. Eventually a coach would indeed switch between those schools, but shockingly, it was Wisconsin’s head man moving to Corvallis. I don’t get it either. But hey! It doesn’t have to make sense!

Oregon stomped Arizona to punch their ticket for the title game, where everyone will root for them to beat FSU except for Florida and Washington.

We pick every Pac-12 bowl game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

12.11.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

12.04.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Middling Dawgs end on an up and championship week

Attaboys to Petersen, Kwiatkowski, and Smith. Walked into Pullman and gave WSU all they wanted and more, embarrassing the Cougs to give UW five out of the last six Apple Cups.

Elsewhere, UCLA choked away the South. They suck! We knew it all along! Stanford finished 7-5. They suck! We knew it all along. Arizona beat Arizona State to nab the South. Rich Rod can coach! We knew it all along! USC decimated Notre Dame. Everybody sucks there I’m not having anything else.

This week we look at whether Arizona can make it three in a row against Oregon. Man that must be nice. We pick that game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

12.04.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

H&F Archive:
On the fine reporting of Oregon State’s beat writer…

If you want to read some really classy and objective journalism about the University of Washington / Oregon State football game this past weekend, check out this article by Oregon State beat writer Cliff Kirkpatrick. Highlights include, “The game turned sour in the first half when the Huskies kept hitting OSU safety Al Afalava after the whistle. Then Bernard’s facemask was pulled off and he was punched in the face by Afoa Wilson. No flags were thrown for those incidents.” Wow, those damn Huskies. Kirkpatrick then declares, “The Huskies were mad at Afalava for knocking out their quarterback, Jake Locker, with a clean hit.” Well that settles that. If Cliff Kirkpatrick declares the hit clean, then it’s clean. It’s just nice that he was able to emotionally detach himself from the game before he wrote about it.

Further, the original name of the Article has been recently changed, after Seattle Times writer Bob Condotta commented on the first title which was something like “knockout punch” or “knockout blow” (but a clean knockout punch that was instigated by UW I’m sure). Since then, the article has magically become “Excitement and Relief.” Nice work. Highly professional.

In his blog, Kirkpatrick again calls out UW defensive player Wilson Afoa as “the guy who punched Yvenson Bernard in the face.” Another pearl of objective reporting. Do you want to know where he lives? His family’s names? Why not throw that information in there to round things out.

Now, I’m not much of a journalist…. well I’m not really a journalist at all, however, I have always been under the impression that were I a journalist, I would have to bring some modicum of objectivity to the table if I were to be covering a team that I happened to like. So, were I to be writing about the Husky game, I’d have to say something like, “Washington QB Jake Locker was injured in the second quarter when he and Oregon State’s Al Afalava collided helmet to helmet, leaving Locker unconscious on the sideline. While the Husky coaches thought the hit warranted a penalty, there was no flag on the play.” There, see. It’s not that hard. I think I made a couple of salient points without coming off like a drunken idiot in the stands. Were Kirkpatrick the UW beat writer, here’s how I envision that sentence in print, “The Beavers made good on their promise to hitJake Locker when Oregon State’s Al Afalava collided Helmet to Helmet with Locker in the second quarter. The hit marks the third time in the recent past that Oregon State has ended a Husky player’s season and/or career during a game, a truly remarkable coincidence which has been labeled ‘toughness’ by the Oregon State coaching staff.”

Further, my vague understanding of beat writer verses a columnist is that a beat writer is more or less supposed to cover the event, while the columnist is supposed to discuss and comment upon the event. Anyway I had to comment on this Kirkpatrick guy’s articles as they appear to have been written by one of the parents of an Oregon State player. Maybe he is both a beat writer and a columnist.

11.27.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Rivalry Week Proper

UW got back on track and we love it. God bless those Huskies. Perhaps Mr. Smith can coordinate after all. I RETRACT NONE OF MY PRIOR PANICKING.

This week a bunch of schools play football games against schools that they were born to hate. UW-WSU. Oregon-Oregon State. Utah-Colorado. SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE.

We pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

11.27.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

11.20.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Washington fervor hits podcast low again

Well fuck. Washington lost a game that was as Cougie as it gets. How did they lose that fucking thing? Unbelievable. I hate this sport. Fuck it.

Elsewhere in who gives a fucking shit: Utah beat Stanford b/c Stanford can’t score. The Beaverinos jumped up and shocked Arizona State in Corvallis. Cal backdoored the goodness out of USC.

This week: The South is up for grabs! USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah ALL have a mere 2 losses. Something has got to give! Dammit, something! They’re going to play games and a tiebreaking procedure exists. Don’t worry guys, we’re going to have a champ down there to go lose to Oregon in front of a half-full 49ers stadium. Elsewhere, Washington continues the hunt for bowl eligibility as the plucky Beavs come to Seattle.

All that and we pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

11.20.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

11.14.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Washington fervor hits podcast low

We’re down on the Dawgs. Prove us wrong! (You kids, who have nothing to prove to anybody b/c honestly who cares.) Who really cares. Only the saps. That’s me!

Utah had a goofy play that will be a fun one for coaches to show to their players for a long time. Get that ball across the line, THEN stunt. I feel bad for the guy, he seems like a great player whatever his name is. He’s that guy for a bit unfortunately. Aren’t we all.

UCLA stomped Washington in depressing fashion and we’re left basically punting the 2014 UW football season that started w/ a legit shot at 10 wins. Technically still on the board, and not in a ridiculous fashion. But no. It’s a bummer. The world is hard. That’s why we watch. But this is hard too. But not really b/c who cares. We do! But it’s dumb. But we do.


11.14.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

11.06.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – The Halliday is Over

Man we’re going to miss Connor Halliday. Damn fine quarterback who sadly ended his college career three games away from the finish due to a serious injury suffered against USC. We wish him all the best in his efforts to make the NFL. He can flat out throw.

Elsewhere! It was shake ‘em up Saturday down South as Arizona State and UCLA got big wins to clear up that division’s picture. The Ducks also obliterated Stanford b/c Stanford is really bad at offense to the extent that it affects their defense.

Welp, we’ve been saying UCLA sucks all year. It’s put up or shut up time. Go Dawgs. We pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

11.06.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

10.30.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Terrible String of Results Can’t Stop UCLA’s Rise in the Polls

UCLA is awful and we won’t stop until everybody knows it. They are BAD. Oregon beat Cal, but not by a margin the pollsters would like. Arizona beat WSU by an acceptable margin. Washington’s offense was unacceptable.

Schedule opens up for UW the rest of the way. Can Coach Pete get it rolling against…THE BUFFS! (I love saying that. I suggest we all pause before mentioning CU and then shout the name of their mascot.) Utah and ASU looks like a spicy meatball. I’ll watch that. I mean, I’ll watch it all. I love this conference.

We pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

10.30.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

10.24.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Washington Loses to Oregon (Again)

At this point I’m used to it. Some other games happened also.

Can UW jump up and get ASU at home this weekend? I say yes! Is UW closer to Oregon? Not on the scoreboard my friend, but…I say yes! We pick every game against the spread.

Click the link below to enjoy!

10.24.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast

10.16.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast – The Annual “Talk Ourselves Into Thinking UW Has A Shot” Podcast

USC almost blew it late again against Arizona. Oregon crushed a UCLA team we’ve been telling you is terrible all season. Some other games happened. Who gives a shit? It’s UW-Oregon week!

Like the desperate man I am, I go into directionless, long-winded rants in an effort to convince myself that this is the year that Washington beats Oregon. The best I ultimately get to is that for the first time in a decade, we have a legitimate shot. That’s how reduced I am. Go Dawgs! Elsewhere, other games are happening. I don’t care about those games. This Saturday brings the annual opportunity for the only result that will make me care about college football like I did when I was a student. Bow Down. Please. For fucking once.

All that and we pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

10.16.2014 Pac-12 Football Podcast