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Australian Rules Football

For some reason I have found myself wondering aimlessly around Australia for the last two months. During that time I have been on the look out for any interesting sports related events to write about to help fulfill my contractual obligations to Long story short, I haven’t had any so I thought I would […]

Fideo Friday II

In honor of the Universities and Colleges of the region starting this last week I bring you this: Ultimate Frisbee Collision – Watch more free videos There’s a lesson in this video for all you college freshman who are not reading this – College is a time to do whatever the hell you want and […]

Week 5, in honor of Lou Gellerman.

Week 4 review:  Not terrible, not great.  4-1 overall and 3-2 against the spread.  I’ll take it.  Week 5 picks: Cal at Oregon (Oregon minus 6.5) This is clearly the game of the week in the conference.  I hate every second of Oregon being good, but they appear to be really good.  Cal looked amazing […]

On the stupidity of Greg Ryan…. Hope sinks.

So as the resident writer about good looking female athletes, I feel compelled to step up and attack U.S. Women’s soccer coach Greg Ryan about his spectacularly idiotic decision in benching Hope Solo, and her 3 game  shutout streak in goal, for the U.S. v. Brazil Semifinal in the Women’s World Cup.  Brazil went on to win the game 4-0, sending the United States […]

Thideo Thursday

(I miss Fideo Friday. It was a segment I was hoping I’d see more of.) So the radio got me. What the fuck is going on with this Soulja Boy craze? It’s like Mr. Cee’s Cha Cha Slide with an actual song behind it. It has thouroughly invaded the sports world, and I have the […]

10 Horrible Truths About UCLA

UCLA didn’t invent Mormons, but it did invent the rule that every Mormon must eat a pound of foreskin a year in order to get into heaven. The Underground Cave Lover’s Association was wiped off the earth in 1912 because of UCLA’s vanity. 100 out of every 5 UCLA students has AIDS. (Think that statistic […]

Being an NFL fan is a full time gig

Here’s my weekly schedule to stay up to date on the NFL: Tuesday: Get up early and just stare at the fantasy football standings of my leagues. I just take it in. Write a response to the thread du jour. Delete it. Mostly just look at the standings and think about what it means. Tuesday […]

OJ Mayo furious after being reduced to second most talked about OJ in United States

  When the media asked OJ Simpson why he didn’t call the police to help recover the stolen property that he “allegedly” attempted to repossess in Las Vegas last week, leading to his being charged with 10 felonies, Simpson responded, “The police, since my trouble, have not worked out for me.”  In unrelated news, Marcia […]

Bush declares week 3 ‘never happened’…. focuses on week 4

  Week 3 in review Wow… what a bloodbath.  6-4 overall but 3-7 against the spread.  Not good.  All I will say is that when I looked back at my picks and realized that I had both USC and Ohio St. losing outright, I realized I need to drink less when making these picks (even […]

Bill Simmons can be a real buttfor

Before I write this, I would like to say that I love Bill Simmons’ work. I’ve literally read every article he’s ever written for He changed the game and deserves all the credit in the world. But they do say that familiarity breeds contempt, and through my exhaustive reading of his catalog I have […]