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Fideo Friday: Edward R. Murrow Edition

Who says there’s no integrity left in the news?

Locktober week 8…. Office Edition Picks

 Week 7 revue We’ve found a rut.  3-2 overall and 3-2 against the spread.  This brings the yearly totals to 32-14 overall and 25-21 against the spread.  After reviewing all of my picks I have decided that I need to be better.  I need a little DWIGHT. Week 8 Picks  Cal at UCLA (actually no line […]

Chris Wilcox is cold blooded

I have no idea how the Sonics are going to win more than twenty games this year. Too much uncertainty. Nobody knows how this obviously transitional group of players is going to mesh. Where are the points going to come from? The Sonics seem like they will be capable of really good basketball for stretches […]