I’m going all LaRouche for Boston sports

I’m going insane. Boston must be stopped. Red Sox. Patriots. Things look especially bright for the C’s even. The continued success of these teams and their constant fellating by Bristol has me fucking losing it.

They won’t stop winning.

New England based ESPN won’t stop shoving every angle of this in my face. Red Sox nation! Bill Simmons thinks he’s George Clooney!

Please dear God stop this!


It’s gotten to the point where Gregg Easterbrook’s latest screeds are right up my alley: His paranoid (accurate?) take on exactly how far the Bill Belichick cheating scandal might reach. His distillation of the pending Colts-Pats battle of the century as a showdown of good vs. evil.

It’s gotten to the point that when there was a leak linking Paul Byrd to the HGH scandal on the morning of Game 7 of this year’s ALCS my initial reaction was foul play. Not on Byrd’s part. The timing smelled of the fake George Bush memo Rather trotted out close to election day in 2004. Turns out that might not be unfounded. Did you know that the head of the steroid investigation, George Mitchell, actually works for the Red Sox? Funny how a leak damaging to the psyche of their opposition appears just before the crucial game in that series.

Also interesting how you never hear anything about David Ortiz and steroids/HGH despite his late career explosion. (Not to mention that his head dwarfs Barry’s.)

There are those that might argue that the linked Baseball Reference page has David Ortiz at only 31 years old, which would put him in the prime of his career. To which I would say, if you think David Ortiz is 31 you are retarded. Well Ortiz might be 31, but David Arias was 20 before that started.

It’s gotten to the point where when the Colorado Rockies blamed their World Series’ ticketing snafu on an “external malicious attack” my immediate thought was, “It was Red Sox fans!”

Needless to say I am rooting hard for the Rockies. I also wouldn’t be terribly upset if a wayward helmet found it’s way to exploding one or both knees of Tom Brady.

Crazy? Jealous? Both easily. But I don’t care.

LaRouche! LaRouche! LaRouche is on fiyah!