Seahawks should sign Grady Jackson

I just wanted to put this out there before I read it somewhere else. At Manny’s on Tuesday getting ready to go watch Kevin Durant tweak his ankle, I saw a very intriguing note on ESPN’s ticker. “Falcons release NT Grady Jackson“. My immediate and unequivocal reaction: the Seahawks need to lock that guy up at once.

If this guy is at all interested in still playing, and is eligible to play (ie hasn’t violated the drug policy or something) we need him. I don’t care if he has a pending arrest that he will have to deal with in the offseason or some character issue, we need him. And for the record I have heard nothing to that effect concerning his release. I’m just saying “even if”. This is 350 pounds (Listed! And you know he’s bigger than that!) we can’t afford to pass up.

Remember when the Ravens defense went sour after retirement VI by Sam Adams? All of a sudden Ray Lewis was unable to make plays because the DTs in front of him were being enveloped. That allowed the opposition’s offensive line to get to the second level and neutralize the game’s premier middle linebacker. Ray’s only problem is that he is undersized, but when given the chance to make places he’s elite. The Ravens listened to Lewis and drafted the monstrous Haloti Ngata and all of a sudden Ray Lewis is Ray Lewis again.

In comparison the Seahawks actually have the makings of a nice little defense, though obviously not Ravens level. Here’s what Grady Jackson would do:

-He neutralizes the run up the middle. Just by existing.

-He frees up our own undersized pro bowl middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu to use his speed to make plays.

-He keeps Rocky Bernard fresh to be what he is, a pass rushing DT for obvious passing situations.


To me this is a no brainer. I was really jealous of the Saints two weeks ago because Hollis Thomas was just huge and in the way of our running game. I bemoaned our lack of a similar player. Now one may have fallen in our lap. This is a chance to actually make this Seahawks defense an elite unit right now. Let’s do it!

Give me a tub of guts!