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Hec & Vic don’t know what the eff they talking about

Right now, Hector & Victor, the two guys that do the fantasy football prognostications for, are predicting the Giants D/ST will score six points this weekend. Six. Whole. Points. Against Cleo Lemon and the winless and Ronnie Brown-less Miami Dolphins. When Usi Umenyiora will be playing for the first time in front of his […]

Fideo Friday: Hotdog Special

This one is for Hotdog, in hopes that he will come back to the blog that he so callously abandoned. If he doesn’t, I will begin gradually convert this site into a porn site. And if you know me, it’s not the kind of porn site you ever want to see (unless you are German […]

Locktober Week 9… Riding that train, High on cocaine

And so Locktober comes to an end.  Going out Grateful…. Week 8 Revue In a blatent backtrack from my position last week, I am counting the UW/UO game in last week’s totals, because I need to.  On the whole it wasn’t pretty.  2-2 overall, 1-3 against the spread.  I would probably do better if I […]