Locktober Week 9… Riding that train, High on cocaine

And so Locktober comes to an end.  Going out Grateful….

Week 8 Revue

In a blatent backtrack from my position last week, I am counting the UW/UO game in last week’s totals, because I need to.  On the whole it wasn’t pretty.  2-2 overall, 1-3 against the spread.  I would probably do better if I didn’t spend so much time rolling in the rushes, down by the riverside….

Week 9 Picks

UCLA at WSU (UCLA minus 6)

Which Bruin team will show up?  The one that beat Cal last week or the one that gave Notre Dame it’s only win of the season.  Hard to say.  I guess I’ll just follow the words of wisdom from my man Jerry and go with a touch of grey (kind of suits them anyway) and pick WSU to upset UCLA 28-14.  


Stanford at Oregon State (OSU minus 13.5)

The Eyes of the World are on Stanford to see if they can get another big win or two.  OSU on the other hand, continues to maintain their enigma status.  You have no idea if they are good or not.  In theory, OSU should win this game handily, but in reality they rarely do what they are supposed to.  Perhaps it has to do with their substandard academics (Have you seen their QB? kid can’t read… he’s 17).  In any event,  I say OSU takes care of the tree this weekend, winning 28-10.

Cal at ASU (ASU minus 3)

It’s the fighting Tedford’s vs. Dennis Erickson (Friend of the Devil indeed).  I say this is the week that ASU finally gets exposed.  Cal wins big and by the 4th quarter the ASU coeds will abandon the game and will be discovering the wonders of nature with their Frat guy boyfriends.  Cal wins 35-24.

Look!  Chicks!

USC at Oregon (Oregon minus 3)

There was a time when Pete Carroll was Estimated to be a Prophet.  His team has looked mortal of late though, and they come into this game with Oregon needed a win to re-assert their PAC-10 dominance.  For Oregon, it’s just One more Saturday Night with Dennis Dixon and Jonathon Stewart.  Those two are ridiculous (see generally, last week).   However, Oregon’s Defense is suspect and USC’s linebackers will not be so easily fooled by Oregon’s spread option.  Look for USC to bottle up Oregon’s Running game and force Dixon to beat them through the air.  He can’t.  USC wins this game 28-21.

Arizona at Washington (UW minus 2)

If you get 3 points just for being at home, that means that on a neutral field the Cats would be a 1 point favorite.  I cannot believe that is true.  Arizona is bad, losing to Stanford last week.  They are really bad.  Looking at UW’s season, it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.  They look good at times, compete with the best teams in the country at other times, but cannot get over the hump and get a marque victory.  What are they to do?  Keep Truckin’ (and kick the shit out of Arizona this week).  UW wins 30-13.

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