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State Of Seattle Sports December 2007, By The Seattle Tuba Guy

Fuck all of you assholes   This is Tuba Guy’s worst time of the year.  Husky Football is over, so I’m 10 months away from watching an entire sorority make their way to a game.  Little known fact about Tuba Guy: wanna know why I play sitting down against a chain link fence most of […]

Fideo Friday: Fysics Edition

Barf Bags Dont Work at 0 Gs – Watch more free videos

Ben Roethlisberger is a clown…II

Running segment alert. Constable Echelon thinks Ben Roethlisberger is wildly overrated and whenever recent on field events prove that point expect to read about it on H&F. You didn’t think I was going to let this go right? Have you seen this Steelers offense recently? Egads. Pittsburgh going into the past two weeks had to […]

NFL Power Rankings: Stoner Edition

While enjoying my two favorite Sunday activities, football and blunts, I received an intriguing text message from a Jolly Ogre Smoking Hash which said the following: Maybe I’m just a little high but have you ever thought about how awesome the NFL would be if the games were actually played by the real life mascots? […]

Unacceptable….on a lot of levels.

Please enjoy my rant.  It’s pretty much a bitchy, whiny, tantrum (it’s also long).  I would like to address the following:   To Tim Lappano:  When UW lined up against California two weeks ago they played inspired football.  They played without Jake Locker but with attitude.  They lined up in traditional offensive alignments and knocked the bears on their […]

Know Your Team: University of Washington Huskies

I really enjoy the dichotomy of WSU hoops vs. Washington hoops. I think the way the two teams compliment each other ought to work the way two disparate pitchers might confuse an opposing lineup on consecutive nights in baseball. Think one night of Tim Wakefield knuckleballs followed by vintage Pedro Martinez. (I really hate that […]

Jake Locker

Jack Locker Jake Locker Jake Locker!

Top 20 College Football Programs in Terms of Revenue

Guess who checks in at #17 per Forbsies? (Hint: us) Number of Pac-10 teams we are behind on this list? One: USC. Bearing this in mind, starting next year I never want to have a losing season again. Bow down.

On Dentmon’s Folly, but J.D’s Sweetness

I had the pleasant experience last week of sitting directly in front of two morons at the UW/ Utah game, a game in which UW went up big, squandered the lead, and then held on late to seal the win. It was hard for me to concentrate on the game though, due to my being distracted […]

What a Husky Victory Looks Like

Courtesy of Fig Jam, here is Daniel Te’o-Nesheim dropping the hammer on Cal RB Justin Forsett, sealing the victory for the Dawgs on Saturday.