Sean Taylor Getting It Done From Beyond The Grave

Sean Taylor was voted to the Pro Bowl. (story here)

Sean Taylor pre-November 27, 2007

Props to the league for finally expanding the rules to encompass the dead.  Hopes for a zombie team are not that far fetched any more.

Upon hearing the news, Fig Jam and I engaged in the following IM exchange:

Fig Jam: Sean Taylor got voted to the NFC pro bowl…you should write about how the AFC will be able to take advantage of a team with a casket out there at FS

Manny Faces: hahaha….not very reliable for coverage, but a hard hitter
just like actual sean taylor

Fig Jam: good at filling the gaps
can’t really wrap up though

Manny Faces: takes a lot of plays off

Fig Jam: but on the bright side…. isn’t affected by the cold weather in buffalo

doesn’t let the thin air get to him in Denver (you know, since oxygen isn’t relevant anymore)

Manny Faces: doesn’t wear down easily either. able to play at the same level for 4 quarters

Fig Jam: this is good material

Manny Faces: i think this could be a column
just copy and paste

Fig Jam: go for it
redact our names though

Manny Faces: for sure

Fig Jam: don’t want to damage our political careers
Manny Faces: i’ve already accepted the fact that i can never be in the public sphere
Fig Jam: already blew it huh?
I pretty much have as well. People can connect me to our blog to easily…
then all my ranting about women will be aired
and that will be that

Manny Faces: hahaha

Fig Jam: people have no sense of humor about that

Manny Faces: it’s not really a popular subject for most
but that’s what makes it funny

Fig Jam: totally

And Sean Taylor won’t be through after the game is done. All the fine ladies are going to be at The Official Sean Taylor After(life) Party. The party won’t stop til the early mourning.

Sean Taylor After Party

sidenote: If you’d like to check out more babes and coffins, calendars are available here.