State of Washington Recruiting Review

Fig Jam

 I’ve been asked at least 100 times today (read: 0) why there isn’t a comparison of the Washington schools in terms of how they made out this year’s recruiting classes.  I am a man of the people and hence will provide such a review.

University of Washington

The talent pool in the State of Washington was as deep as it has been in a long time.  There were a number of legitimate blue chip recruits.  Washington got all of them.  Headlined by Lakes Tight End Kavario Middleton and Lakes WR Jermaine Kearse (thank god for Lakes High School. Seriously, look at the talent that UW has gotten from Lakes in the last few years).  In terms of out-of-state coups, the Huskies pulled the #1 DT out of California in Craig Noble and even stole RB Chris Polk away from USC.  I’d like to think that USC head coach Pete Carroll’s reaction to the news that Polk was decommitting in favor of UW was similar to that of Merlin’s reaction to Maverick when Mav explained he was slowing down in order to bring the Mig in closer behind him.  “You’re gonna do what?” 

Washington State University

I really don’t know any of the players that WSU signed.  They don’t have a ‘headliner’ per se, and wound up in the mid 20’s in terms of recruits after raiding the JC ranks and signing several homeless guys.   This is a classic WSU spin job class where it will be said, “they did more with less (in front of fewer, but drunker)”  For Cougs sake, they better hope that’s true.