Sexson should probably stop doing interviews….

Fig Jam

I get it.  Richie Sexson is upset that he was booed so much last year.  He realizes that he sucked, but doesn’t think it’s fair that he was singled out for so much bad treatment.  But if you read the piece written by Jim Moore in the PI yesterday, Sexson really comes off as jaded and clueless. 

In the article, Sexson whines about being booed, counsels the fans that booing does not help morale, and then engages in some amateur philosophy.  Among my favorite quotes is this:  “The money has a lot to do with it,” said Sexson, who will make $14 million this year. “If I was making a million, people wouldn’t care.” 

Umm… I beg to differ.  While the quote masterfully demonstrates how clueless Sexson is as to the value of money, let me state that I will boo up and until he is making around $50,000.00 a year ( roughly the median household income in Seattle).  At $50,000.00 a year, Sexson becomes an average Joe and I will not hate on an average Joe for a subpar work performance.  I would even be willing to overlook the fact that the true ’average joe’ actually has a job that sucks, and does not get to play baseball for his salary.  So get a clue.  I know that your name is literally “Rich”ie, but c’mon.  1 million dollars is a lot of money.

The article also speculates that that people expect athletes to handle booing better because of the money.  Moore writes, “He (Sexson) thinks fans feel that multimillionaire athletes are somehow better equipped to deal with verbal abuse than the lesser paid, so they dish it out and keep it coming. If that’s the case, they’re wrong.”  Actually they’re correct.  The average fan is poor and hence boos when a rich-ass ballplayer can’t get it done.  You see, the booing is kind of a metaphor…. a way for the fan to say, “this is BS, you have millions while I do not have millions, but I could strikeout just as easily as you just did.” What is complicated or unfair about that?  If you don’t want to be booed, go work in a tollbooth or be a waiter (oh wait, then you’ll still have to put up with shit from people, but you’ll be paid minimum wage…. that doesn’t sound like fun either). 

The bottom line with “Rich”ie is that he is stealing money from the Mariners and from me, the fan.  He doesn’t deserve to make the amount of money he has, but hey, that’s the sportscentric society we live in.  As a fan, I’ve come to grips with that and go to sporting events and pay too much for beer because I love the sport.  C’est la vie.  In turn, as an athlete, the deal is that you may make a shitload of money and be set for life when you ’retire’ at 40, but you will have to put up with booing when you hit near the Mendoza line. 

Any questions?     

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7 Responses to “Sexson should probably stop doing interviews….”

  1. Sager Bombs says:

    “If I was making a million, people wouldn’t care.”

    This never stopped me from booing the shit out of Willie Ballgame.

  2. Echelon says:

    But Willie’s scrappy! He’s a sparkplug!

    Spare me. I feel no regret or shame when it’s time to boo terrible players. I consider it their asshole tax. I mean, not only do you get to do this incredibly fun gig for an exorbitant sum of money, but you get to do it poorly?

  3. Beef says:

    Willie Bloomquist and Richie Sexson are still Mariners?

  4. hotdog says:

    I don’t think it’s Richie’s fault he has a good agent. In MLB, the Mariners are basically an ATM machine for average players who can be labeled as ‘good guys’.

    I thought Bucky Jacobsen was going to be our first baseman – what happened to him?

  5. Fig Jam says:

    I think his agent is great. I don’t even care about the ridiculous contract that much. I just don’t think Sexson should be whining about being booed.

  6. Shaggy says:

    Sexson hit .205 last year. If he actually were to become a waiter, would it be acceptable for him to only get 20.5% of the orders correct? The answer is yes, but only if he worked at Varlamos. I’d also like to point out that he probably makes more money than the rest of his hometown, combined.

    Consider yourself booed, Brush Prairie mf’er!

  7. bigyaz says:

    I think you’re overreaching for your anger here. He’s simply pointing out that making that kind of dough puts you in the spotlight, and booing comes with the territory. Doesn’t mean he has to like it. But he’s right: There are plenty of .220 hitters who make $1 million and don’t get booed.

    Actually, he wouldn’t even be playing regularly if he were making “only” $1 million. The M’s have to justify his salary by keeping him in the lineup.

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