Mariners Release Richie Sexson

Sager Bombs

Seattle Times makes it official

What are they going to do at Norm’s now? Oh wait, they have no shortage of options. If they really care, they’ll honor big Rich by keeping the happy hour price at $2.18 all season. R.I.P., supplier of cheap booze.

UPDATE:  I needed to know, so I called Norm’s myself.  “Lemme get my manager,” said the guy who grabbed the phone.  Then he shouted, “HEY!  It’s another sport’s blog wanting to know what we’re doing about Sexson.”  Nice to see we’re on top of the story…  I spoke with the manager, who said he’s going to wait until Monday to see if anyone picks him up.  If so, the beer prices might follow him wherever he may roam for the rest of the season.  If not, he’s planning on picking someone else from the roster.  VIDRO!  Maybe pints of Turbodog for Turbo?

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4 Responses to “Mariners Release Richie Sexson”

  1. Uncle Ned says:

    I think i see John Mclaren on the Bus. 2nd row on the right.

  2. LS-DubC says:

    If I ever come into money I am going to pay a midget to follow me around and sing that song the entire day…that is what I call living the good life.

  3. hotdog says:

    Hire a midget? What kind of grown man would hire another grown man of smaller stature for his own amusement?

  4. Adam S. says:

    A reasonable expenditure if there ever was one. Even for someone cheap like you, hotdog.

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