What Would Stop Tampa, er New York From Flipping Favre To Minnesota?

Sager Bombs

Anything?  Now that Favre has the Green Bay front office by the short hairs, they’re going to get pennies on the dollar for him and be happy for the distraction to go away.  It’s a safe assumption that there will be a stipulation in the deal changing the setup if Favre is moved later, but what if the price is still reasonable?  What would be too much for a team that really wants that fun lovin’ gunslinger?  My dream is for Tampa Bay The Jets to turn around move him back to the NFC Central, where he wanted to be in the first place.  Who loses in this? 

Tampa New York gets some windfall draft picks or players (or at least treads water) out of an open market deal with the team that really wants Favre

-Minnesota gets the QB they want

-We might see Peter King’s head explode

-Clay Bennet sees what a sweet flip really looks like

-The Green Bay front office becomes synonymous with epic fail

-Rachel Nichols gets marooned in Wisconsin for the rest of the season

**BONUS** we might get to see Fireman Guy weep openly

Please, please, please, Bruce Allen  Mike Tannenbaum, think about doing this.

UPDATE: Well sheeeeeit

The NFL Network also is reporting that the Packers took great pains to ensure that Favre would not be traded to the Vikings by inserting a “poison pill” in the deal. If Favre were to be traded to Minnesota, New York would have to surrender three first-round picks to Green Bay.

Oh well.  Nicely played, Green Bay.  Just goes to show that I’m just not used to competent front offices in my sports teams.