Fideo Friday: Gettin Knocked The F*ck Out Edition


So the Americans can get Gold and Silver in the Women’s Gymnastics Individual All-Around, but they still can’t come up with the Gold for the Team competition? I would say that the blame falls squarely on the shoulders (broad, but sexy) of the Stegasauras-necked Alicia Sacramone. Even though she fell when the U.S. needed it most, she can still do two things exceptionally well. Number one is give me a boner and number two is knocking the fuck out of beefy frat dudes (also boner inducing).

Bonus video after the jump.

Cheerleaders Face Destroyed By Soccer Ball – Watch more free videos

The voice of the announcer in slow motion is the same voice as the demon inside my head who makes me drink Jagermeister and watch Sheisse videos.