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Lingerie Football! At Green Lake! THIS FRIDAY!!!

You read that correctly! This Friday, at 11 a.m., Seattle’s brand-spanking (I kill myself) new lingerie football team will be holding tryouts. Here’s a visual of what you are all no doubt thinking: Those are some beautiful babies breaking all the rules of love. Great abs on that one in white. Breathtaking, really. That picture’s […]


Due to circumstances beyond our control, this weeks edition of the PAC 10 football podcast will not be available until Thursday. We apologize for the delay. Please enjoy this picture of tailgating coeds in the meantime. Cheers!

Say Goodbye to Mariners’ Savior

This post is a bit of a social experiment. Do we still care about the Mariners? I’ll let the comments be the guide. Meet Stephen Strasburg. As a starting pitcher who regularly reaches triple-digits on the radar gun, he might be considered a solid addition to a pitching staff that features Fats Silva and a […]

Screw it, let’s get Linehan

Washington’s season ended today. And no, this had nothing to do with Ty Willingham or the Pac-10 schedule or anything like that. Today, Jake Locker’s injury was confirmed by the school. He’s gone for what amounts to the duration of the season. That’s it. We’re done. It’s WAMU on Montlake with no bailout on the […]

On the University of Washington Defense

Fig Jam “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein        

Fideo Friday: Now I Want To Eat Corn

To celebrate their upcoming anniversary party, Diesel made this very dirty video that you can still watch at work. Diesel SFW XXX – Watch more free videos

Is Pete Carroll even a good coach?

Constable Echelon Tradition. Major market. Sexy location. First choice of most all recruits. USC has it all. Even in the John Robinson/Paul Hackett mire of the 90s common wisdom was that Southern Cal was a sleeping giant. And common wisdom was correct. USC hired NFL washout Pete Carroll before the 2001 season, who after one […]

Mariners put finishing touches on season of ineptitude (mama said knock you out edition)

Fig Jam The Seattle Mariners have officially lost 100 games.  Nice work fellas.  No team has underachieved more than this group, or displayed a greater penchant for mismanagement and blatant disregard for competing on the highest levels.  Let’s review the following:

09.23.08 Pac-10 Football Podcast – Ladies and Gentleman: Our best show to date

Hello blawg fans! So last week we offered up a discreet stinker of a show topped off with obtrusive computer fan noise to ruin the first segment. It was the type of effort that would sink a lesser podcast. Not us, folks. We’re back big time. Oregon didn’t show up until the fourth quarter against […]

St. Petersburg Times Votes Seattle “Best Beer Town In College Football”

Sager Bombs I don’t really have much to add than the headline.  Colorado was two and Eugene was three.  Oklahoma and Salt Lake City were not ranked.  So, yeah.  We don’t have much but the beer is still fantastic.  So we’ve got that going for us. Also: I miss the Olympia stubby.  Cheap, delicious, and it came […]