$5 Durant Jerseys

The Sonics Team Shop at Key Arena is liquidating all their merchandise.  All Sonics gear is 90% off, but there seems to be a surplus of Kevin Durant jerseys left.  The guy at the counter said that they had only sold off about half their merchandise.  Get down there and grab whatever memories you can.

Basketball Smuggler

The Team Shop is just to the right of these broads.

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5 Responses to “$5 Durant Jerseys”

  1. Hotdog says:

    Those are some tempting temptresses in that photo.

  2. Hose says:

    I’d buy a Sonics jersey, but the proceeds of my purchase would go to Clay Bennett. No thanks.

  3. ButtShark says:

    Is one of those bitches smuggling sonic basketballs in her shirt?

  4. skdub says:

    Can some one buy some retro shirts for me. I will pay you back once I return to the magical place called America.

  5. Sparko says:

    Will someone please make a run for me?? That sounds spectacular!!

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