Saturday in message boards

Constable Echelon

I’ll try this because I think it could be funny. With a Saturday of college football in the books, let’s check out the measured responses from a few message boards. To read these you likely need a login, which most of you probably have. Pulled comments in italics, my writing in..uh..regular. Enjoy.

Toledo 13 – Michigan 10
From Go Blue Wolverine boards.

Rich Rodriguez’s new fangled spread offense managed only 10 points against a MAC team. Michigan commenter Stepp1a attempts to get to the heart of the matter:

“Yup… but I see the spread option being run by two white kids and it is not working!”

After he is called out by some fellow fans for being racist, commenter SpyderVenom weighs in:

I wonder why black people are faster though. For real

Oregon State 66 – Washington State 13
From Cougfan boards.

WSU commenter youngcity6 is taking Paul Wulff’s first year in stride:

“Can he coach in the 2nd half? Can he do anything that prevents our guys from getting flags every other play? Can he do anything right other than “change” the culture of our program? There is nothing to be impressed with. PLEASE point out something positive. I was skeptical when he got hired and should still give him the benefit of the doubt, but there is absolutely nothing promising about our future.”

But this meltdown isn’t limited to the WSU boards, some enterprising Cougs are taking the fight to Oregon State’s boards! And shooting the only bullet left in the gun, the “class” argument (always the last refuge of losers). Take it away CougGrad82:

“Throwing the bomb when you’re up 59-13?? You guys can kiss my a$$ and what goes around comes around.

I used to root for you guys when you were playing anybody but the Cougs….but not after today. Your coach is no better than Stoops at Arizona in my book now.

I hope you guys lose the rest of your games this year….and next year….and the year after, well, you get the picture. I can’t wait to stick the knife in you guys when you’re down.”

Seriously, I will never get mad at a coach for running the score up even on UW. It’s our job to stop it period. Take your medicine, yell at your own people, and work so hard it can’t happen again.

Let’s do one more game. How about…

Texas 45 – Oklahoma 35
From Sooners Illustrated.

gyokie says:

“Refs gave them 3 and KO coverage gave them 7! We knew it going in. Colt and Muschamp could serve in the OU Army any day. We have been here before. WIN OUT!!!! Horns have Tech and MO. and a dangerous OKIE ST!!! Get well Ryan Reynolds–we need you next year. Let the season playout,but I do not see Colt losing a game. They could be in the biggie!!!! Congrats to to TEXAS—-you guys earned it!”

Well if that’s how you’re going to react then this column will be short lived.

Elsewhere, desert cactus has this to say:

BOB STOOPS should be fired! enough already. he can’t win big games, and i’ve had just about enough. it’s time to move on. if anything he can stay on and help the administration and he would be very good at that, but for coaching we need to go in a different direction.

let somebody else just take this team and see what happens. stoops is fine coach, but it’s time to move on.

he can stay, but not coaching.

That’s more like it.

Good luck in fantasy everyone!