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Best video ever?

Shout out to my brother Ian for putting me up on this.

10.28.08 Pac-10 Football Podcast – Ty Willingham Resignation Spectacular

Hello blawg fans! It’s ovah, Kenny! It’s ovah! Ty Willingham “resigned” as football coach of the University of Washington effective at the end of the season. Lane Kiffin. Chris Peterson. Jim Mora. Pick your horse. This development actually lets us venture back into weary optimism regarding the hapless Dawgs. Longterm that is. Oh, and there […]

Skank to Darius Miles: “How Come You Ain’t Got No Jumpshot?”

By Morristache There’s no better way to lead off an NBA column than with a Darius Miles anecdote – and this is a good one. Several years ago in Portland, Ore. a woman approached Darius at a club and had the following exchange:   Woman (in smooth voice): Hey Darius baby. D-Miles (in equally silky voice): Hey […]