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The Huskies May Find A Coach Just Yet

Sager Bombs There’s been a significant amount of bitching about the movement (or lack of) towards finding a new coach for the Washington football program.  We’ve been part of said bitching.  It was silly to think that there was really no movement towards finding a replacement, but the people in charge of searching know from […]

A Few Things For Seattle Sports Fans To Be Thankful For

Sager Bombs No, really.  I know things are at an incredible low right now, but there really are things to be thankful for.  Here are just a few of them…

MLS Expansion Draft Recap – Wahl-to-Wall Coverage!

Today, Seattle Sounders FC selected 10 players through the MLS Expansion Draft. After one year of airy speculation, this squad is finally starting to take shape.  Let me preface this post by saying I have the utmost confidence in the Sounders FC braintrust: GM Adrian Hanauer and Technical Director Chris Henderson. Between Hanauer’s insane attention to […]

MLS Expansion Draft Preview

Sounders FC fans: Now it begins in earnest. The 10 players selected in tomorrow’s Major League Soccer expansion draft will form the core of your 2009 roster. With only four players already on the roster, the expansion players will likely fill at least 6-7 starting spots when the team takes the field next March or […]

WHAT? WHAT? Step off… UW a National Powerhouse (women’s sports edition)

FIg Jam Or maybe you thought I wouldn’t notice that the University of Washington has women who can run places faster than any other University in the country.  Guess what?  I noticed.  Add that to the Women’s volleyball national title a few years ago and the neverending stream of national titles that Women’s Crew pulls […]

Assessing the Devastation of Husky Football

Fig Jam Well…. if you are the University of Washington you can rest assured knowing that it actually cannot get any worse. You can’t be worse than the worst. Of every school in Division 1 this year, UW is the only one without a win. They will likely (very very likely) finish the season 0-12 […]

Unusual Court Case in Seattle

SEATTLE, WA (AP) – A seven-year old boy was at the center of a King County courtroom drama yesterday, when he challenged a court ruling about who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents. The judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child […]

Fideo Friday: Paul Brogan’s Back

Longtime friend of H&F, Paul Brogan, has come out with a new rap video to kick off the NBA season. He delivers the goods as he always does. PAUL BROGAN – NBA RAP 2008

We gonna do this Apple Cup up right or not?

Fig Jam Oh… we aren’t.  Ok.  Let’s still drink though.   Hey Cougars.

The UW coaching search is not off to a great start

Fig Jam So far, I have been fairly nonplussed with Scott Woodward’s stint as the University of Washington Athletic Director.  He doesn’t seem to get it sometimes.  Now in the process of hiring the new football coach and making his biggest decision to date, that trend seems to be continuing.  That is my reaction to […]