UW Hoops Exhibition Wrap: Too Easy for Isaiah Thomas

Constable Echelon/everyone

Part of me worried I had unrealistic hopes for UW freshman Isaiah Thomas. I’m not worried anymore.

Thomas led the Huskies with 27 points in their 105-85 exhibition win against Western Washington Thursday night. 27 efficient points on 9-12 shooting. And it easily could have been more. On future nights a couple more of those threes will drop, and Isaiah won’t squander the handful of opportunities he missed at the line.

Isaiah didn’t just lead the Huskies in scoring. He LED the Huskies. His steady combo guard play gives Husky fans every reason to believe that the occasionally stagnant offense of the post Roy Dawgs is in the rear view mirror. UW again has a player who can create his own offense.

It wasn’t selfish basketball. Thomas expertly fed Jon Brockman for point blank looks on a couple of occasions. He accurately zipped no look passes 20 feet across the court. His offense demanded so much attention that Justin Dentmon got the easiest 18 points of his life.

Thomas reminded my of Roy a lot actually, in terms of how composed he looked on the floor. Like Roy, you wonder how hard he was trying. You can see it just looking at his face when he brings the ball up the floor. The game comes easy to Isaiah Thomas. Too Easy.

And now Larry King style game notes::

Western guard (and Highline CC transfer) Morris Anderson can really play. Like Oregon State could actually use him.

Western can fill it up from behind the arc. I was really impressed with their freshman guard Cameron Severson. He can shoot. Michael Duty, Morris Anderson, Ira Graham, and 6’8″ RS Freshman center Chris Mitchell all hit threes as well. Throw in that they were missing 7 foot C Dave Vanderjagt, and they will be a DII tourney team this year. Yes I know nothing about DII basketball, but they looked too legitimate to not excel at that level.

UW is much faster this year. This may render Joe Wolfinger obsolete. He couldn’t get his paws around some quick dimes in the first half. (Though he played well in garbage time.)

I got the feeling that Venoy was denying Isaiah the ball late in the game. Or maybe he was trying to get other players off. You wonder how he’s going to deal with coming off the bench after starting some last year.

Feel free to add anything I missed. We were all there.