Boom Kings Win Second Consecutive Fantasy Pennant

Not long ago, I polled the readership to see which team they hated reading about the most. You HAD to know this was coming… -Hotdog

Flush off their dominating victory over the baby-soft Eastern Motors, the Hotdog-coached Boom Kings roar into the UW Delta Chi playoffs as the #2 seed. Based on their 9-5 record, the Boom Kings earn a first-round bye for the second consecutive year.

It’s especially sweet for the Kings and their assistant coach/offensive coordinator/propaganda minister The Emancipator, who have endured the barbs of lesser men for the length of the season.

Buoyed by the stength of the league’s No. 1 receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, the efficient Boom Kings simply wore down their Stouffer Stratum opponents over the course of the season, much like we do every year. For those counting at home, that’s three division championships in the nascent league’s four years, with the exception being a scrappy 6-6-1 record in 2006 (that team ended up claiming third place in the playoffs).

Many scoffed at the Boom Draft, but late-round picks like 7th-rounder DeAngelo “Brown Sugar” Williams have paid dividends – Williams alone is averaging 26 points/game since the Panthers’ bye week, and is now the top-rated rusher in the league. Factored in with some astute waiver-wire maneuvering and a deadline-beating trade for Big Ben Roethlisberger, the Boom Kings have to be a solid favorite comings into the playoffs.

Boom Kings.