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Jim Moore “Pondexters” Klay Thompson

Fig Jam There has been a Pondextering.  Alert NBA officials that there is a true freshman playing for Washington State that is a stone cold lock for greatness in “the league.”  Writing in the Seattle PI today, Jim Moore proclaims, Then there’s Klay Thompson. I had yet to see Mychal Thompson’s son in person or […]

Josh Heytvelt: The Most Versatile Big Man In The USA

Spokane has never crapped on anyone harder than Gonzaga’s Josh Heytvelt. After his well-publicized arrest for felony shroom possession in February 2007, it’s fair to say that my idyllic hometown turned his back on him. His teammates wouldn’t talk to him, he was blasted by editorials in the local paper, and basically ostracized in the […]