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Fideo Friday: Super Bowl Edition


Huskies Zone Defense is Confounding, Completely Ineffective

Fig Jam By my count, in the past two games that UW has played they have gone into a zone defense for exactly 4 possessions.  2 against UCLA and 2 against Arizona.  Against UCLA it resulted in back to back three pointers for the Bruins and against Zona it resulted in 1 three point shot […]

Week 5 Pac-10 Hoops Preview (Beta) feat. Bonertown!

Constable Echelon I react to every game on the docket this week in the Pac-10. If I like the game, it’s in bold.  Also as an extra treat I’ve managed to get my hands on a rough mix of the new Robin Thicke joint “Bonertown!” that was hinted at in last week’s post.  The mind […]

Arizona should Hire Pat Summitt to coach its Men’s Basketball Team

Fig Jam WEIRD RAMBLING COLUMN ALERT (just giving you a heads up) As UW heads to the desert this week to take on the Arizona schools, I look at the University of Arizona and have to wonder what the future holds for the Wildcats.  With Lute Olson gone the Wildcats are in their second straight […]

Your 2009 Puppy Bowl Preview

Sager Bombs FINALLY. Another long year of waiting has finally brought us a new crop of puppies playing on a fake field surrounded by a fake audience.  It’s been consistently better than the real Super Bowl and there’s no real motivation to actually pay attention or be quiet during commericals.  Oh Puppy Bowl 5, you […]

Lingerie Bowl Cancelled!

Seattle Mist fans repent! It appears the Lingerie Football League has been unable to reach an agreement with the host venue — Caliente nudist resort. As Shutdown Corner reports, the league was apparently too conservative to consent to the resort’s wishes. Caliente actually wanted the game to be played in a clothing-optional area of the resort. […]

Anyone Else Having A Hard Time Rooting For A Super Bowl Team?

Sager Bombs Usually picking a team to root for in the Super Bowl is easy.  Since your team didn’t make it (again) you just have to think about which team you hate the least.  New England’s recent run made things very easy in that regard, at least until the NE/NYG battle, where I was rooting for both […]

Welcome to Seattle, Fredy Montero!

The ‘Nets are abuzz with talk of Fredy Montero, the saucy young striker Sounders FC just pried out of Colombia. Soccer By Ives was all over the move, and included this excellent YouTube clip of Sr. Montero making some golazos. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the defenders screaming “No me gusta!”

PAC 10 week 4 Hoops Wrap: Those Beaver Deceivers

Fig Jam What a week to be a Beaver fan (I guess… I mean if you have to be a Beaver fan).  Big ups to Oregon State coach Craig Robinson for changing the culture down in Corvallis in less than a season.  After the Washington debacle, Oregon State could have packed things up for the […]