Lamar Hurd: Jay John motivated Oregon State to sweep Cal

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I caught up with everybody’s favorite FSN analyst Lamar Hurd for his reaction to Oregon State completing the season sweep against Cal. I’d heard Lamar say on College Hoops NW that the Beavers were eager to prove to former OSU coach (and current Cal assistant) Jay John that they could ball.

My stuff’s in bold and Lamar’s answers are underneath.

We thank Oregon State greatly up here at Washington.

I’m glad we at Oregon State can be of some assistance to the UW faithful.

How much did it mean to Oregon State to beat Jay John not once, but twice?

For the guys (Oregon State), the games vs Cal were like NCAA tournament games. Some of them literally had those games circled on their calendars as soon as Jay John was named as an assistant at Cal. The players told me that after their first win at Cal, the locker room was as emotional as it had ever been. Guys were crying, hugging, jumping around…everything. A lot of those players felt held back by Jay John and they felt like they had a lot to prove. So after getting the first win, they wanted to get the second win to validate the first one by showing that they’re for real.

How did the crowd treat Jay John in his return to Corvallis?

I declined calling the game live because my youth teams had a big basketball tournament, so I wasn’t able to witness how the crowd received Jay John. However people within the athletic department told me that despite one rowdy fan who at times would yell inappropriate things, the entire crowd was pretty classy and respectful. And that isn’t surprising because no matter how much people may have been displeased with Jay John as a coach, you couldn’t critique him too much as a person. He actually texted me the day before the game in hopes that he and I could meet up prior to the game and catch up. Whether or not it came across this way, he cared about all his past, present, and future players. And he cared not only about his players, but also about the university.

And scene. Very diplomatic from Mr. Hurd, who detailed some differences he had with Coach John in his H&F Interview, but has always maintained that whatever their differences Jay John is a solid guy.

Big thanks to Lamar. He’s the best. Catch him Sunday on the Civil War broadcast, which has lost a little luster after Oregon unfortunately managed to win a game.