WSU Blog: WSU QB Got A Raw Deal Getting Arrested

Sager Bombs

It’s tough keeping up with all the news coming out of Pullman regarding WSU starting qb Marshall Lobbestael getting arrested for being a “minor exhibiting the signs of having consumed alcohol”.  Note that he did NOT get charged with MIP.  See, it’s a tricky story already, but somehow the Moscow-Pullman Daily is doing their best. 

Side note: I might start sporadically checking in on the M-PD to see what the top story is a la Will Leitch’s monitoring of the Green Bay paper.  That front page is killing me this morning.  Top story in Moscow-Pullman today?  “Bike polo: ‘A sport of faith’” 

ANYWAYS, I’ll focus… the B-Team journalists at the paper who aren’t covering bike polo have done a little investigating into the story and according to Pullman Police Commander Chris Tennant

Lobbestael was found in the passenger seat of a vehicle parked in front of the Pullman Police Department on Northeast Kamiaken Street shortly after 1 a.m. allegedly passed out with a grocery bag of vomit between his legs.

Tennant said receptionists at the department’s front desk tipped officers off to the vehicle, which had been parked in the spot for some time. It’s believed that Lobbestael and friends were at the station to pick up a female acquaintance who also had been arrested for underage drinking.

This is the same story that the WSU paper is reporting.  HOWEVUH, the crack reporters at Cougfan are disputing the reports!  The media lies!  And you can’t ever trust the word of a police officer!  Are you telling me the Moscow-Pullman Daily blew the story?

According to Cougfan: has learned from reliable independent sources that: 1) Lobbestael was not “passed out”, 2) that the woman he was helping to walk was not unconscious, 3) that Lobbestael spoke with police on two occasions just prior and was not arrested…

CF.C has since learned it was instead a car trash bag, similar to what someone might put on a stick shift, that contained some McDonalds wrappers and other garbage, but no “vomit”.

(I can totally understand the need to keep your source anonymous… this is a powder keg of information!)

Oh, it’s like I don’t know who to believe any more.  Certainly not an officer.  Was it a grocery bag (which, to be fair, are made of plastic 50% of the time) or a plastic bag?  Why was vomit in quotes?  Was it merely drool in the bag?  Some spillage from a McFlurry?  Speaking of McFlurries, was it Lobbestael’s McDonalds wrappers, and if so, was going there his call?  There is a Jack in the Box and Pita Pit right by there and both are clearly superior liquor soaks.  Was he passed out, or merely sleeping?  Oh wait, that actually doesn’t matter because he was intoxicated and sleeping outside a police station, which really places you in serious danger of an encounter with the police. 

I really think we can put the date rape stuff from the other post to bed, because all signs would point to him going to pick up his lady friend from the drunk tank, which is about as chivalrous as you’re going to get from a 20 year old.  Drunk or not, Lobbestael was a dipshit that night for putting himself in places where the cops were multiple times.  At 20 I considered it a victory when drinking didn’t result in peeing my pants (ok, fine, that’s still the case) but even then I knew that when you drink underage you’re always technically in violation of the law, so very little good can come from police interaction.  Campus cops aren’t likely to cut athletes any breaks and Pullman ain’t the SEC: Lobbestael was one of several qbs for a 2 win team.  No one’s getting Ryan Leaf treatment anymore, and if anyone is going to it’s not going to be you. 

Now all Lobbestael can hope for is more crack Cougfan investigative reporting on exactly what kind of bag was in the truck.  Surely that’ll destroy the entire police case against him.  Personally I want them to find out whether or not Lobbestael plays bike polo in his spare time.  Make this happen!