Pac-10 Tourney Preview: Wednesday

Constable Echelon

Even before Daddy Yankee brought the substance to the national consciousness, we all relied on gasolina. In this economy ™, I have two tips to ease your pain at the pump.


-Avoid Arco. No I’m not some gasoline purity snob. I just don’t think Arco is that much of a deal. If it’s five cents less per gallon, but you have to pay a $0.50 charge to use your debit card because the station is too cheap to foot that for you, you’re not saving any money. And then you can look down on people that get their gas from Arco. Wait, maybe I am a gasoline snob…

-Never buy premium gasoline at a Shell station. Crucial fact, at Shell stations all three grades of gas come out of one hose. That’s why when I buy the cheapest stuff there, I feel confident knowing that I’m getting free high grade residue from the suckers who bought the premium. Conversely, if you buy the expensive fuel, you’re getting residue from the gasoline of poor people. And you’ve worked too hard for that.

We’ll take a quick look at each night’s Pac-10 Tourney action from now through Saturday, complete with picks! If I like a game it’s in bold.

Stanford vs. Oregon State

Oregon State swept Stanford this year, but Stanford’s got a little Uncle Mo after winning two of their last three (USC, @AU). They say it’s hard to beat a team three times in a year. I don’t know. I think it’s hard to beat a team twice. The third time everyone on both sides should be familiar with how things are going to play out. Which of course means I’m picking Stanford.

Oregon vs. Washington State

Wouldn’t this be hilarious if the Ducks could find a way to steal one. Here’s a non-conference head scratcher: Oregon beat Kansas State earlier this year, a team with 20 wins and an RPI on the cusp of at-large consideration. Go figure. What the fuck happened to Tajuan Porter? I think when he had his ear thing surgically removed it took away his power. I’ll take the Cougs.

Record: 0-0