Pac-10 Tourney Preview: Thursday

Constable Echelon



A week ago at this time I was enjoying day one of a long weekend with my wife out of town. How did I celebrate? By doing the exact same shit I do when she’s here….except guilt free!

It was magical. If I like a game it’s in bold.

Arizona vs. #23 Arizona State

The Wildcats were swept by the Sun Devils in the regular season. Both games went down to the wire and featured questionable officiating, which is another way to say “Pac-10 game”. Arizona likely needs this game to ensure they extend their quarter century long NCAA Tourney streak. I think Arizona will be able to push the tempo a little bit and exact some revenge for the earlier losses. LOLCats!

Freshly learned lesson: Don’t GIS “LOLCats” unless you have some time to kill.

Stanford vs. #10 Washington

I don’t know what I can safely say about this game. To me the contest comes down to Stanford’s convictions. Are they going to believe what the standings tell them? Because if they do the standings tell them they don’t belong on the same floor as the Huskies. Or are they going to believe their experience? Stanford played UW very tough up in Seattle, as well as for 3/4ths of the game in Palo Alto. Instrumental here in establishing Stanford’s sense of belief will be Coach Dawkins. I’m not altogether sure Dawkins isn’t a zombie. “No pulse” is what I’m trying to say.

I think a second crucial factor is that Stanford played a game less than 24 hours prior to the tipoff of this one. All things being equal (and they aren’t) I have to take the Dawg Show!

USC vs. Cal

These teams split the regular season, and that makes sense. Cal’s advantage against most teams comes from a slew of big guards they can run out. Patrick Christopher, Theo Robertson (listed at F but get real), and the Mexican guy (quick search: Gutierrez) all can impose themselves physically on the opposition. But USC has the giants to match in Hackett, Lewis, DeRozan, and co. Tough call on talent alone, but that’s why teams have coaches: so I know who to gamble on. Montgomery>>>>>>Floyd. Bears!


Washington State vs. #14 UCLA

I know WSU just beat UCLA. I don’t see it happening again, especially with the Cougs on back-to-back duty.

Tourney record: 2-0