Pac-10 Tourney Preview: Semifinal Friday

Constable Echelon

You have to embrace the conference tournament semifinals.  More than any other day of the year, tonight’s games will give us a snapshot of what the Pac-10 was about in 2009. If everything breaks perfect in a conference tournament this is what you get: three class of the conference teams and one plucky spoiler.


I like conference tourney semis so much both games will be in bold.

#23 Arizona State vs. #10 Washington


There’s a tendency to hedge for fear of being wrong, but I’m going to try to avoid that. Fact: James Harden and Jeff Pendergraph will be the best two players on the floor in this game. Fact: The next 8 best players are Huskies. Superstition: It’s hard to beat a team three times in one year.

I’m going to make this game very easy for you to watch: It’s all about Derek Glasser. I think even his parents would be surprised to read that last sentence. In two regular season victories, Washington took advantage of ASU’s athletic deficiencies at guard on both ends of the floor.

This upset Jeff Pendergraph, who offered up a delightful quote regarding a Tempe-torching of the Sun Devils by Isaiah Thomas:

“We’ve got to step up and not let stuff like this happen. Especially at home. And freshman, too. That’s so frustrating. You can’t let some dude that’s barely finished his 100-level classes come in here and kick your butt. That’s embarrassing.”

See that? He doesn’t believe in Derek Glasser. Neither should you. Dawgs!

USC vs. #14 UCLA


I’m not so sure UCLA has the better players. I know USC has better athletes. Taj Gibson will be the best post player in this game. USC’s guards are huge and aggressive scoring machines. It’s really a fucking crime they didn’t contend for the conference title.

So yeah, I think USC is better. But I’m picking UCLA.

Tourney record: 4-2