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The Six Types of Soccer Douchebags

Ah, nostalgia. A couple nights ago, we almost got in a fight in the parking lot of the indoor soccer center. Why? Because we played against a douchebag. The best word to describe this guy was a drip. With man-tits. Just a complete loser – unskilled, but ANGRY. He took it upon himself to repeatedly […]

Fideo Friday: Jose Canseco Fought A Giant Chinese

Not Yao Ming unfortunately. The giant is also from South Korea I think. Hong Man Choi Jose Canseco Fight Video In other news, soccer fans are still classy:

Tyrone Willingham: STILL The Highest Paid Coach At Notre Dame

Sager Bombs Sounds like a bad Onion headline, right?  Except it’s true.  Our favorite United Football League coach is still on the books there, three years after getting canned from ND. 

The Apple Cup should be played in Seattle every year

Fig Jam I’ve learned a lot about the finances of the Apple Cup the last few weeks.  I’ve learned that when the University of Washington hosts the game that each school takes home around $1 million dollars, and when Washington State hosts the game that each school takes home a figure less than half of […]

WSU Fishing Team one of school’s most profitable athletic programs

Fig Jam So this is a few days old, but big news out of Pullman this week as the  National Guard FLW College Fishing Western Division tournament was won by a team of anglers from Washington State (link to article).   What caught my eye about this was the following: The victory earned the team $10,000 to be […]

The Mariners Are Accepting Advertisements From WHERE, Now?

Sager Bombs It’s the Dandy House, an “exclusive men’s beauty day spa” with locations around Japan.  Whatever.  Every time I see their ad behind home plate (and it felt like it was up all night last night) I think “rub and tug joint”.  The mighty Arizona Cardinals had the stones to say no to the Pink Taco… […]

Fideo Friday: Where Amazing Happens

Scola Scola Scooooooooooooooooooola is a pretty ugly dude. Rockets making it interesting though.

Area Senior Pegs M Bombs

Echelon So I was listening to ESPNSeattle (It’s not Furness!) on my way to work Thursday afternoon, taking in the carnage after Brandon Morrow blew his second save in 17 hours. An older gentleman called in to share his take on the Bombs. “This team…we’re still coming out of the Bavasi era. And he signed […]

Pac 10 fans: Just enjoy the USC mess for what it is.

Fig Jam So it’s pretty obvious at this point that the USC athletic program is comprised of a bunch of cheaters.  I think we all get that.  The ‘allegations’ surrounding the Reggie Bush debacle include a mountain of evidence that Bush and/or his family received improper benefits from numerous sources.  Additionally, the OJ Mayo situation […]