howl at the moon: the wolf departs

Lost in the madness that was last Friday was this little piece of news. Joe Wolfinger, the seven-foot three-point gunner, will transfer to play his senior season at the Citadel.

This appeared to be one of those cases where Romar called the Wolf into his office and let him know his services were no longer needed. This is always a tough situation in college and happens more often than you think. But as we learned through the case of Derek McLaughlin, scholarships are not guaranteed.

It was pretty obvious with that things weren’t going to work out for Wolfie here at the University of Washington. Even with the departure of Jon Brockman, it didn’t look like the minutes were going to be there for him. He’s already gotten his bachelor’s degree; now he gets to be a key figure for his last season of college basketball.

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I certainly wish him well. He was my favorite player – if only for the fact that we got to howl when he subbed into the game. And he was nice on offense – he could fill it up when playing against a lumbering center like Aron Baynes. Plus, that man knows how to party.