The first thing you need to know about University of Washington rowing is that we hate the Cal Golden Bears. HATE them. It’s been a huge rivalry for as long as anyone can remember. Washington coaches have questioned Cal’s recruiting practices – as they consistently bring in European Olympians to man their boats. At UW, we pull our oars with homegrown talent. Warrants mentioning.


The winning crew (photo taken earlier in the year by huskycrew.org)

That’s not all. About a decade ago, some members of the Cal rowing team dumped Gatorade on a Husky crew as they rowed their shell back to the Conibear shellhouse. Since then, it’s been on.

That’s what makes the Huskies’ national championship that much more gratifying – the Dawgs came back in the final 100 meters to beat the stupid Bears at the finish line. Ha. Ha. Ha. Take that, Cal!

First Losers (from dailycal.org)

First Losers (from dailycal.org)

Softball last week, now crew. A football national championship in the fall? Probably inevitable.