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Fideo Friday: George Brett Shit His Pants

And he wants to sing about it, auto-tuned:

Drums in the Deep….. They are Coming.

Fig Jam Can you hear that?  What is that sound.  It is deep and rythmical.  It shakes the ground a little bit.  I can feel it.    This weekend we will officially hit August and that means we are days…. just days…. away from college football.  The air will get crisp, the breeze will pick up […]

Fideo Friday: Wu-Tang Legos

Wu-Tang Lego: Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ from davo on Vimeo. Introducing The Ghostface Killaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…

Do you hear it? Do you feel it?

I’m talking, of course, of the inevitable Adam Morrison comeback. Expect big minutes from him for the defending world champs. Who’s Adam Morrison? He’s the one that will drain a three from the corner and then eat your children as you sleep…all in one fluid motion. Ammo. Get it.

Pittsburgh Fans: “Whatever, He Was Just Finding A Way To Win”

In keeping up with our devotion to Big Ben coverage, it would appear that the Steelers season is going to be very… turbulent. Ben Roethlisberger Accused Of Sexual Assault By Harrah’s Employee

Allow Me: answering Ted Miller’s PAC 10 football fanmail, because we don’t get any

Fig Jam Ted Miller’s PAC 10 Footbal Blog on generally has a number of interesting posts up on it.  Amongst my favorite are when Miller attempts to answer loaded questions in a manner that won’t piss anyone off.  Example: Todd from Mission Viejo, Calif., writes: Recent chatter suggests strong teams from the traditional powers […]

That’s why you’ll never be good at Golf

Fig Jam You think there aren’t a lot of opportunities to make it big in the NBA or NFL?  You think Major League Baseball is tough to break into?  Well, that may true, but if this year’s British Open taught us anything it’s that professional golf is probably the single most exclusive club that has ever existed.  Qualifying and […]

Fideo Friday: A Message To All You Mens

Some valid points brought up in this one.

The Five Best Players on the Sounders FC Roster

1.    Kasey Keller Simply put, Keller’s the best goalkeeper in Major League Soccer history. I defy anyone to refute this. The only possible argument against is that he’s only played half a season so far. But his performances so far for an expansion team have been off the charts. After fretting about the state of […]

Tideo Tuesday: DJ Steve Porter’s “Press Hop”

Enjoy this instant classic. “I wanna kiss you…ruh-ruh-ru-ru-ruh I wanna kiss you”