Everton to add Valencia’s Ever Banega on loan (…maybe)

Fresh off of last weekend’s near upset of Arsenal, David Moyes has been been trying to add talent to Everton in an effort to avoid relegation crash the top four.

The problem as always with Everton is a lack of money. Adam Smith was quoted once as saying, “Everton are so po’, they can’t afford the “o-r”. So, how to circumvent this problem?

Everton literally took out a 13.67 million pound loan against future tv revenue to pay for new players. Not sure but I don’t believe there is an equivalent to this in top flight American pro sports. Ask Art Modell what happens when you can no longer afford to keep up with fellow owners. (You get run the f out.) With the loan, the money is finally in place for additions on Merseyside.

Still, Everton are at the mercy of an EPL requirement that international loan players must appear in 75% of international games to obtain a work permit. Ever Banega does not meet this qualification as he is only 21, and is from Argentina. There is no shortage of talent ahead of him on the national team, though Banega featured in the Olympics and U-20 World Cup as well as a handful of proper international games.

So will it go through? I’d feel a lot better about the chance if Everton were Manchester United or any of the big four teams. Those teams tend to wield their clout to get what they want in these situations. And honestly they usually don’t have to bring in players on loan because they can just buy a bunch of internationals and loan them elsewhere.

There’s a work permit hearing on Friday to determine if Banega will be allowed to join the Toffees. Until then I’ll just watch this video and dream. In this five minute clip Banega does not score a single goal, but still easily shows that he would be a valuable addition to ANY team in the Premiership.