10.20.09 Pac-10 Football Podcast – Arizona and Stanford show America what the Pac-10 is about

43-38. Both quarterbacks throwing for over 400 yards. Arizona and Stanford played the beautiful game last Saturday in Tucson.

I really am passionate about the football played in this conference. I think it’s the best. The SEC is nice, but the Pac-10 has always had more innovative/effective offenses. Florida’s 23-20 win over Arkansas was alright, but there’s something about West Coast teams throwing haymaker after haymaker.

It is indeed possible to have well played football where both teams score the shit out of the ball. Skeptics look at the 81 total points and say, “No defense.” Wrong. Both Stanford and Arizona have shown themselves to be solid defensive teams this year. That was just transcendent offense. That was the Pac-10 doing just the fuck it do.

Was the USC loss a moral victory for Charlie Weis? Masoli or Costa for Oregon? Does it matter? Vontaze Burfict: crazy or really fucking crazy? (And to be clear: yes I would want him to play for Washington.)

All that and we pick next week’s games vs. the spread. Then we never talk about how we did because it’s usually poorly. But our hearts are in the right place. Click the links below to enjoy!!

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10.20.09 Pac-10 Football Podcast (part two)