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This month, the University of Washington proposed  re-starting their annual basketball game against the Gonzaga Bulldogs.  The two teams have not played in recent years, since UW backed out of the home and home series ( no doubt due in large part to UW’s 1-8 record over GU in the previous 9 meetings).  UW has apparently altered its position, however, as they have now proposed the two teams meet annually in Seattle’s Key Arena, with the ticket allocation to be 50/50 for each school. 

Gonzaga’s response to UW:  Go fuck yourself.  We aren’t going to do anything we don’t want to.

As a UW alum and tyee member, my personal request at this point to UW athletic director Scott Woodward is to withdraw the proposal entirely and resume our status as “ducking” Gonzaga each year.  It’s fine with me.  I don’t see the need to play those guys.   UW plays in the Pac-10.  It plays 20+ games a year against opponents from BCS conferences.  UW does not need this in state rivalry game to build a NCAA tournament resume. 

Gonzaga  plays in the West Coast Conference.  They have 7 games scheduled against BCS conference teams this season, with the possibility of an 8th depending on who they play in the 3rd game of the Maui invitational.  Of the 7 games that are currently scheduled against BCS teams, 3 are in Spokane and 1 is in Seattle.  If Gonzaga is too good for another game in Seattle, with equal ticket allocation for its fanbase, then it’s fine with me.  I guess their program is just that big.   They are going to win the WCC every year anyways to get into the NCAA tournament, so maybe they don’t need another game for their resume.

However, playing this series in Key Arena would mean that every 2 years, over 34,000 people could attend the game.  In the alternative, playing the game at UW one year and Gonzaga the next allows for approximately 16,000 people to attend.    So obviously the money factor in this game is huge.  It would more than double the gate revenue that the schools would share.  Further, with an even split of the ticket allocation (including student sections) it could lead to one of the coolest atmosphere’s in any college basketball rivalry.   I mean, if you’re interested in that kind of thing.  ESPN might cover it or something.  I dunno.

If only there were 2 schools who hated one another but played an annul rivalry game on a neutral site that could be used as an example of how awesome this game could be.  If only.  Oh well.

(in fairness to GU fans, I should explain that this sport pictured above is called “foot-ball.”  Some Universities play this sport as a way to pass the time in between basketball seasons).

Bottom line:  the annual neutral site game at Key Arena would make more money for each school and would set the rivalry apart from every other rivalry in college basketball.  Yes- it is 4.5 hours away from Spokane’s campus and 4.5 miles away from UW, but is any GU fan  going to argue that GU wouldn’t use every single one of the tickets that it is allocated?  That they won’t be able to get 8,500 GU fans to Key Arena for this game?  No chance. 

Gonzaga’s response in shooting down UW’s proposal is about one thing and one thing only: ego.   We’re badass Gonzaga.  We mocked you when you cancelled our series originally, and now that you have proposed restarting it we aren’t going to do anything unless it’s on our terms.  

That being the case – I say, game off.  Enjoy your game against Davidson this year at the Key.

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46 Responses to “Gonzaga Bigtimes UW”

  1. Matt says:

    It’s not about ego for GU. Come play at Spokane arena and quit acting like YOU’RE too good for Gonzaga.

  2. Fig Jam says:

    UW too good? Explain. All I’m saying is UW is in a conference where it doesn’t need to worry about nonconference schedule that much. UW doesn’t need this game to build a resume. Is it nice to have? Yeah. But UW gets over 20 games a year again BCS teams. If Gonzaga is going to get tough about this – forget it.

    If GU wants to play the game in the Spokane Arena, then they ought to propose that as an alternative.

  3. Constable Echelon says:

    Exactly. By simply saying no, Gonzaga is now ducking the series. If they want a game they should propose an alternative.

    • Bryan says:

      You are all idiots. We beat you 8-9 and then you come to us like your holier than though expecting us to play in your back yard every year for a series. UW is not nearly as good as their athletic department and fan base think they are. We beat YOU 8 out of 9 games…. This year the Pac 10, and ACC came to the kennel to play. You dont see these other schools scared of a home and away, or 2 neutral site games in each others towns. You UW fans and alumni are sorry as fuck.

  4. Blake says:

    Gonzaga didn’t simply say no. Athletic Director Mike Roth said that both sides would continue to discuss the deal in a private setting, which is how adults typically handle contract discussions that are nowhere near finalized (instead of, you know, leaking them on the radio and then having three separate parties issue statements)

    UW probably won’t take a series that has a game at the Spokane Arena because they know their fans won’t travel the four hours to Spokane to sell out their 6000 seats. This has to be a true home-and-home but all this garbage that has proceeded from UW initially leaking their offer probably set us back another few years.

    Real cute stuff about football, too. Was the stuff UW played last season actually football?

  5. admin says:

    that is such tubby logic

  6. BMalo says:

    Umm, GU already proposed an alternative, the original deal between the schools, and UW backed out of it. This chickenshit offer is UW hiding behind the guise of a big payout to try and set the games on their terms, so that they may actually possibly beat the zags.

  7. skdub says:

    Like the admin, matt and bmalo are probably uw alums who root for gonzaga. i can smell their benedict arnold vaginas from here (i’m in salt lake, but going back to seattle next month, so when i drive back, i’ll try not to gag as I drive through the eastern part of the state)

  8. lmao says:

    Gonzaga has built a reputation as a team who will play any school, any where! I think there was some mistreatment of Gonzaga at the hands of UW in the cancellation of their series and GU isn’t going to jump when UW says jump. There has to be some give and take.

    I bet a deal will be worked out to re-ignite a good rivalry between the schools but only time will tell.

    ESPN did a ranking a month or so ago ranking the most prestigious college basketball programs since 1984.

    Gonzaga ranked in at #26, while UW came in at #124

    If this is the case, and Gonzaga is Big-timing UW; it looks to me like they have earned the right. Even more, Gonzaga didn’t even hit the national stage until 1999, and they are still 26 in a poll that ranks them back to 1984!, while UW plays in the PAC-10 and cant break the top 100 programs?


    I found this info at:


  9. Jon says:

    both the original proposal and the UWs are lame. No (non cash starved) team would accept the UW proposal. One year Key Arena and one year Spokane Arena would be fair and easy. UW should have proposed that if they really wanted to play, but they don’t REALLY want to play. Woodward (maybe Romar) wants to make Gonzaga look like the bad guy and he appears to have done so. The travel is the issue not the amount of each team’s fans (although travel is the issue for GU students).

    The real question is if you are so big time then why the eff is Gonzaga’s arena only 6,000? Name one other “major” bball program with that few? And then you whine and complain that no one wants to come to spokane for a possible loss and no payday? Are you dumb or just high as Heytvelt?

    • Bryan says:

      Gonzagas student enrollment, about 8,000
      UW student enrollment, about 40,000

      Why would a school with 8000 student have a 12000 seat arena idiot.

      Pull your inflated head out of your ass and think about it.

      Only 8000 students at our school and you still have a worse basketball team. . . so sad.

      • Fig Jam says:

        No legitimate program has an arena that seats 6,000. Gonzaga’s student body may be small (that’s what she said), but Spokane is a sizable city and GU has no competition from any other program in that town. They should be able to get 10,000 no problem – 8,000 at the minimum.

  10. lmao says:

    In regards to Jon:

    your statement: “The real question is if you are so big time then why the eff is Gonzaga’s arena only 6,000?”

    McCarthy was completed in 2004 after what, five years of an actual basketball program in Spokane? I completely understand your statement, but given the fact the arena was completed in 2004 and construction and planning must have taken several years, it would (at the time) be ridiculous for Gonzaga to even think about building a larger arena.

    What if they did slide back into a mediocre WCC team with a 15,000 occupancy arena? Great, a huge cavernous arena where you can pay the bills; Just dumb.

    Gonzaga didn’t even rise to a national setting until 1999 and even five years after, everyone would have expected the program to lapse back into obscurity. No way they would have thought designing a larger arena, and incredibly retarded if they did.

    The program appears to be here to stay and is honestly the hardest ticket to find if you are anywhere near Spokane. The Spokane Arena would sell out every night if the Zags played there, but the fact is they got thrust into stardom so quickly, and the fact that McCarthy is their venue; guess what, they play at McCarthy.

    McCarthy is still new, but an awesome place to experience the college game.

    Wait another five years and see where Gonzaga stands, if the school is where it seems to be on a year in and year out basis, a new arena will replace McCarthy very soon.

    McCarthy is still an awesome place to watch so basketball – great atmosphere!

  11. titopoet says:

    It is funny how much UW fans like to put down the power program in Washington. The nation see the truth like SI’s Seth Davis http://www.fannation.com/si_blogs/hoop_thoughts/posts/83021-washington-gonzaga-series-not-a-done-deal?eref=fromSI
    Quote: “Romar denied that his team’s poor results against the Zags was a factor in Washington’s decision to pull out. “Our schedule began to get away from us, and we were trying to reel it back,” he said. Looks to me like they reeled it back too far -– Washington’s nonconference schedules the last several years have consisted almost entirely of home games against middling opponents -– but I give Romar credit for taking this first step. If, however, he wants this series to resume, he’s going to have to agree to play some games in Spokane.”
    If we look at the schedules in another light, games against top 10, UW zero GU 2 (MSU, Duke) Games against top conferences (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, big east) UW 3 GU 6 maybe 8. Schools in the BCS that are not forced to play by contract or league (ie the ones your AD and coach choose) UW 2 GU 8 or 9.
    Moneywise it is better to play Duke in MSG, than a second trier BSC team like UW in the their hometown.

  12. Fig Jam says:

    I think anyone who is against this proposal is against it because it came from UW. You’re not giving enough thought to how awesome this would be.

    Spare me the “It’s all the way in Seattle” BS. Gonzaga plays in Seattle almost every year anyways. A lot of their fanbase lives over here. Many of their students come from Western Washington.

    This game would give this rivalry a chance to be truly unique on the college basketball landscape. The schools hate each other and under Mark Few and Lorenzo Romar the programs have been extremely successful. This would be a big game.

    Objecting to this proposal to play in front of 17,000 people every year, so the game can be played on campus in front of 6,000 people every other year, is nuts.

  13. Joey Jo Jo says:

    lmao, that was a thoughtful, well-reasoned post on why Gonzaga is not a big-time basketball program. Thanks for the breakdown. “The hardest ticket to find in Spokane”, though; that’s some unadulterated praise on the level of “Michael Bay’s best movie since Pearl Harbor”.

    The UW doesn’t need this game. This sounds to me like an initial offer in a negotiation, and they may end up with the Seattle/Spokane split or may not if Gonzaga comes back with a counteroffer. But yeah, what does UW care? Why do they want to go to some podunk arena and get hometowned by a bunch of refs from a fake basketball conference that are even worse than Pac-10 refs? We already play enough real games, as stated above. I like the gamesmanship from Woodward.

    • Bryan says:

      Our non confrence schedule is stacked every year, we dont really need UW to bring down our RPI if you want to know the truth. We beat you guys 8 out of 9, but you all still dont realize we are the ones that dont need this game. Thats what a public school education gets you.

  14. Fig Jam says:

    “Moneywise it is better to play Duke in MSG, than a second trier BSC team like UW in the their hometown.”

    Moneywise – it’s better to do both. Especially when the Seeattle game features a 50/50 split of tickets and gate revenue.

    Playing Duke in MSG means walking into their second hometown of NYC. Note that Duke is willing to go to New York to play and realize the benefits of playing on an even bigger stage (even for Duke- who’s stage is already pretty big).

  15. Sager Bombs says:

    “The program appears to be here to stay and is honestly the hardest ticket to find if you are anywhere near Spokane.”

    You’ve clearly not tried to get into the Spokane Old Country Buffet on Seafood Night…

    Seriously though, I think the Zags basketball program is a bunch of underachievers who have been relying on their same set of excuses for a good decade now. Win and they want to be considered the team no one respects or loves and whah whah so much hardship, etc. Lose and it’s “we’re just a small town school, we weren’t SUPPOSED to win.” STFU, you’re as disingenuous as John Stewart saying The Daily Show is just a comedy show.

    That being said, I can’t blame them for telling UW to fuck off on this one. They gain absolutely nothing by playing a series solely in UW’s backyard. The Red River analogy is a straw man because Dallas is 3 hours away from both campuses. Key Arena is in Seattle.

    The true solution? Let’s play the series at Snoqualmie Pass.

  16. Shaggy says:

    Two words: Sun Dome

  17. Constable Echelon says:

    I love that some subjective espn power poll is being thrown around like it matters, and that schedules are being assessed on the basis of preseason rankings.

    “second trier BSC team” >>>>>>>> anything in the WCC

  18. Sparko says:

    I couldn’t find any information regarding strength of schedule for seasons prior to 2008-2009, but as both schools played fairly typical schedules for their respective mens college basketball squads, I imagine the prior number would be pretty consistent.

    from collegerpi.com:

    2008-2009 Strength of Schedule:

    Univerity of Washington Huskies:


    You talk about playing teams like Duke and Mich St, but you fail to mention the 20 or so games GU play against the likes of the Santa Claras and Loyola Marymounts of the mighty West Coast Conference. Reality: Gonzaga plays in a fringe Division 1 conference. So lets try to maintain a little perspective about your schedule and which team needs the scheduling validation. . . thanks.

    • Bryan says:

      Cincinnatti, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Illinois, Oklahoma, Wake Forest, Washington State, Colorado, Davidson, Duke and Memphis. Get your facts straight idiot.
      If UW dreamed about scheduling like that they wouldnt finish with 15 wins.

      • Fig Jam says:

        By my count, that is 7 games this year against teams projected into the NCAA tournament (5 non-conference games against teams currently projected into tournament, and 2 games against St. Marys, who is also projected into NCAA’s right now).

        That is more than UW will play this year, going from today’s bracketology, but in any given season, 7 games against NCAA tournament teams is par for the course for most BCS conference schools. That schedule isn’t that impressive. Sorry.

  19. Beef's dad says:

    Gonzaga should grab the money while they still can. Their 15 minutes of fame is now in stoppage time. Four or five years of playing a team doesn’t make a rivalry. Ergo, there never was a rivalry. SU will be a better team than Gonzaga within 5 years, so the UW should work on developing that series. Five years from now the offer will be that Gonzaga can play the UW in HecEd or not at all.

  20. admin says:

    Beef’s Dad used a soccer term! Beef’s Dad used a soccer term!

  21. kevin says:

    Why don’t they play a two game/two year series? One game at Key Arena, one at Spokane Arena. UW gets their money that they so desperately want and GU gets what they want, 2 good basketball games that are actually fair. Michigan State, and Wake Forest have the balls to play a home and home, I guess the Huskies can’t muster up the conojes to play a fair fight.

  22. LS-DubC says:

    What an original idea Kevin!

    If we’re going to be repeating ideas that Sundome idea of Shaggy’s just makes sense. Where else are you going to find a venue that’s not only right between the two schools, but also surrounded by a giant indian headband?

  23. LilN says:

    It all goes back to how UW freaked out and stopped playing GU. Why should GU just accept the first offer that UW throws at them? They don’t deserve it. True Gonzaga schedule is alot of WCC games and schools that don’t challenge them enough (most years). I think if you ask any GU fan they would love to see many more ACTUAL games. Unfortunately UW wont be a real game till they improve. Sorry Huskies you skrewed up along time ago.

  24. Seattle Spokie says:

    The financial gain from playing one year at the Key and one year at the Spokane Arena aren’t that far off from playing both at the Key. Besides, both programs are doing fine revenue-wise.

    Eventually it comes down to bragging rights: if the kid across the street says he can beat you at a fight, but only at his house, he’s afraid of losing. Put up or shut up on fair terms.

  25. spokane! says:

    fuck romar

    fuck seattle.

    the huskies are a joke at both sports this year. PAC-10 will have less seeds into the tourny than the WCC. St. Mary’s,Pepperdine,Portland could all run the pac 10 this year.

    1-7 record vs. America’s Team and you act like you can make us play where even your shitty Sonics refused to.

    Key/Spokane Arena would be fair.

    Fuck you, fuck your rain, stupid purple fucking yuppies go choke on scones and your pathetic sports.

    EAST SIDE. LETS SECEDE! Those idiots are straight out of an apple commercial. iDawgs. keep up the losing seasons at your two major sports. LOL @ you.

  26. Beef's dad says:

    Calm down Coach Few. Its just a game. Ever thouight about caoching the Ducks? You’d fit right in.

  27. Sparko says:

    Solid, consistent use of the word “idiot” here Bryan . . . good to see that your 2nd rate Spokane education is not going to waste. Didn’t know any of you could read, quite frankly.

    Did you actually read my prior comment? I was pretty clear in conceding that the Zaggots usually play a handful of pretty good teams every year; this year being no exception. However, and lets be clear here, that cute little conference you play in is a complete joke. Your beloved Zaggots NEED to schedule as many big-time opponents as possible and even then your year-end RPI is still likely to be pretty “modest” when you throw in the 20 or so patsies you play. Anyways, good luck in conference play, should be as thrilling as ever.

    As for your buddy Spokane’s comments, WOW. I would make fun of Spokane’s sports scene, but honestly, Im really not aware of one . . .

  28. Eric says:

    Everyone calm down. Key Arena one year, Spokane Arena the next. Then UW can’t complain about having to play in the Kennel where they basically never win and don’t make any money with its small capacity. Also, then Gonzaga doesn’t have to go play at Key Arena every year, which in my opinion is ridiculous. Calling the Key Arena a neutral sight would be like Gonzaga calling the Spokane Arena a neutral sight. Also the capacity of the Spokane Arena is closer to that of the Key Arena.

  29. Anonymous says:

    LMAO. UW cancelled the series to begin with because a home and home left them with a 1-8 record. Then they propose a deal where we meet every year in Seattle? I’m with the “go fuck yourself”. That is a chicken shit offer by a scared team afraid of a fair deal. Yea, UW plays in a tougher conference. Makes me wonder how well the Zags would do in it since they beat UW 8 out of 9 times. The Zags are the ones who don’t need this game. We make the tournament every year. Bottom line…. UW cancelled like poor sports. They need to fix it like men. Otherwise they can watch us on TV in the tournament from thier couches almost every year. Not GU’s job to wipe up the tantrum tears.

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