12.01.09 Pac-10 Football Podcast – Civil War for the Roses

Washington wins! Washington wins! Oh my god Washington wins!

Was the Apple Cup particularly well played? No. In fact, WSU was ridiculously awful. Washington honestly should have scored more, but I’ll take the first rivalry shutout of my lifetime happily. Fuck you, Cougars.

But who cares about those two losers? We had bowl eligible teams playing games! USC and UCLA pretended like they wanted to fight, Arizona State gagged on a rivalry upset in the desert, and Toby Gerhart raised a crazy question for America:

“What if a white, non-quarterback, won the Heisman? Don’t answer right away. Just, like, think about it…”

They call them fingers, but I’ve never seen them fing….wait, there they go.

Click the link below to enjoy our first show to exceed the half hour mark, as well as our first ever December effort. Next week: Bowl preview. Woot woot!

12.01.09 Pac-10 Football Podcast (full show)