Yes, Seahawks should get Brandon Marshall!

There’s some debates on teh intertubes and teh faceboxes of whether the Seahawks should add Brandon Marshall. The answer is…YES!

What people seem to forget is that Brandon Marshall’s “character issues” started occurring after his best friend Darrent Williams was gunned down in his car by some Denver gang members. Gang members, who, presumably told Brandon that the same thing was going to happen to him, either implicitly or explicitly.

Can you blame him for wanting to get out of Denver?

It’s true, he’s had some other brushes with the law, but he can really catch the ball. He’s unguardable. Considering you have to pay these draft picks about the same amount of money (before they have even played one snap of NFL football), yeah, I think BM is a no-brainer. Especially if you can get him for the #14 pick.

What is Brandon Marshall worth to the Seahawks?

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