Hotdog never happy with anything, wanted Idaho guard

So what did everyone think of the NFL Draft? I was kind of hoping we’d “take meat” with #14 and draft the guard from Idaho to fill out the rest of the offensive line. But as Sparko pointed out, the NFL is a passing league and those who can defend the pass will have success. This makes a potential Pro-Bowl safety a necessity.

I’ve heard that Mr. Thomas has cover-corner skills. What I haven’t heard talked about yet is how Mr. Thomas’ ability to cover one-on-one will free Pete Carroll to be more adventurous on defense. Seattle struggled to pressure the quarterback in 2009–having a safety who can shut down a wide receiver will allow for some exotic blitz packages. So while we didn’t pull the trigger on the defensive end some were hoping for, we did address that need by making us a smidgen more able to rush the passer.

For what’s it worth, I thought the New York Jets had the best first round. Grabbing Kyle Wilson with the 29th pick, they further strengthened their already formidable pass defense to abet Revis and Cromartie and added an electric kick returner. For a team that’s almost ready to challenge for the Super Bowl under Rex Ryan , that’s more than you couldĀ  expect with that pick.