What I noticed in the USA’s 1-0 win over Algeria

If you’re a referee, don’t touch Clint Dempsey. He doesn’t like it.

Michael Bradley can change directions like no other.

We’re talking a lot about Donovan, but what about Dempsey, who comes to play every day?

That Algerian captain and his “who, me?” face deserved to get sent off.

Speaking of Algeria, they didn’t look like they wanted to score. Plus they had no hot babes in the stands.

I thought Gomez played well. For all intents and purposes, he had an assist.

Edu can match anyone in the world physically but still has some maturing to do.

I haven’t seen Feilhaber play that well in a while, but he still suffers lapses on defense. He doesn’t even look around for marks when he jogs back on defense.

I was really worried about Jay Demerit’s eyes before the World Cup. That seems silly now.

We didn’t lose much putting Bornstein into the game, for Gooch. Tough to say, but Gooch isn’t ready yet.

Bob Bradley’s odd mannerisms are becoming endearing. He also really looks like Michael.

John Harkes…hmmm. I’ll take Ally McCoist, thanks.

Speaking of announcers, Steve McMenamin is outstanding with his silly accent.