EPL Fantasy is back for 2010!

Hey everyone,

Not only have we gotten pretty good participation in our past soccer fantasy leagues, but people are having a really fun time. Want proof? Here are some testimonials from past participants.

“Hotdog thanks for putting this awesome World Cup league together! I had a ton of fun although there’s no way I could ever match your skill. You are truly the man.” -Hose

Hey Bro. When I’m not climbing mountains and shit, I’m playing in Hotdog’s awesome soccer leagues. Can’t wait for EPL Fantasy!” -City

“mmmmmmm, this is pretty much the coolest fantasy league on the internet.” -LSDub-C

“I’ve completely changed my opinion of soccer thanks to hotdog’s fantasy leagues! I now think it’s the best sport ever and can’t wait to play in your fantasy league!” -Beef’s Dad

Join today! Details and hot babe pics below the jump:


Join our EPL fantasy league!

League: “EPL Fantasy Explosion!”
Password: “poop”
Link: http://premierfantasy.soccernet.espn.go.com


Croatia Football Babes

English Soccer Babes