01.11.11 Pac-10 Football Podcast – Washington Wins, Oregon Loses

Washington wins and Oregon loses. That’s how years should begin.

We taped this show reveling in Auburn’s victory over Oregon in the BCS title game. We hate to sound like WSU fans, but somehow when your rival loses you feel a little better.

Of course you feel a lot better when your team wins their bowl game, as Washington did when they shocked Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl. Fantastic for Sark, Chris Polk, and Jake Locker. If any Oregon fans (or even WSU fans for that matter) try to tell you a Holiday Bowl victory is nothing special, remember that the Holiday Bowl is the biggest game either of those schools has won in our lifetime. So there goes that argument.

We review the Pac-10’s 2-2 bowl season, and take our first stab at guessing where UW fits in the Pac-12 next year.

01.11.11 Pac-10 Football Podcast

Note: Oregon won a Fiesta Bowl also. That bowl is known as the Boise State Special until UW wins one at which point it will become a viable BCS game.