Death Pool 2011: Castro or Nothing

Time for another round of picking people to die. Will this finally be Castro’s year? I mean, at this point you pretty much have to put him down for all Death Pools here on out. Golden Girls have been dropping pretty consistently too. Betty White could be next.

Both of them are viable candidates for my list

Here are the basic rules of the death pool:

1. Pick 10 celebrities that you think will die this year

* Infamous people can work also, but you may need to offer proof of their celebrity status. (Example: Villi Fualaau is a legit celebrity. Your cousin who once sniffed Villi Fualaau’s underwear is not.)
* You can pick the same celebrities as other people.
* Don’t pick people who are already dead.

2. Rank your picks in the order of likelihood that they will die

* For example, pick 1 on your list gets 10 points, pick 2 – 9 points, pick 3 – 8 points, pick 10- 1 point. So if you are sure someone is going to die this year, put them up high on your list.

3. Submit your picks by January 31, 2011.

* Post your picks in the comment section with a name or alias of some kind.

No entry fee. Winner will get the pride of knowing that you can correctly guess which people will die PLUS a special prize that I will personally pick out.