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BECU’s Bow Down To Washington Ad (ft. Nate Rob, Kenny G, et. al.)

Here’s the cast, in order of appearance: Richard Karn (Home Improvement Detlef Schrempf Danielle Lawrie (Titan of Softball) Rick Steves Nancy Guppy (from Almost Live) Nate Robinson Kenny G Damon Huard (founder of the religion of Huardism) Brock Huard (arguably my favorite sports radio personality) Captain Husky Sonny Sixkiller (noted casino pitchman) Elise Woodward Bill […]

Five Pointers for UW hoops following embarassing effort against OSU

1.  Need to start coming to play. Someone ought to pull Justin Holiday, Mathew Bryan Amaning, and Venoy Overton aside and let them know that they are playing the final games of their senior year at Washington.  It shouldn’t be necessary, but those guys are out on the court sleep walking right now.  Holiday is […]