Venoy Overton: Bad for Parents of Teen Girls, Great from Bracket Names

To be fair, we don’t know if/where he came

I have high hopes for this year. After all, Venoy has already advanced on two Sweet Sixteens.

H&F proudly presents the best Venoy-inspired bracket names for this March Madness go-round.

10: Movie Night at Venoy’s

9: Is #11 too low?

8: Consensual Sex Havers

7: Gross Misdemeanors

6: 16+16 = 30 (Ed: we see where you were going with that one)

5: Meet me at Mickey D’s

4: Age of Consent in NC?

3: Come Overton-ight if you wanna get banged

2: Venoy Means Noy

1: Venoy’s Presence is a Mouthful

Happy Holidays Everyone!