12.21.2012 Pac-12 Football Podcast – BOWL PREVIEW EDITION

Arizona Players Fight

Sorry about that Arizona. Got this up after your thrilling comeback victory in the New Mexico Bowl. Btw, what in the world was going on with your player’s punching each other? Great win though. The dream of 8-0 lives on!

We preview the Pac-12’s remaining seven bowl games, starting with Washington’s matchup with Boise State. Spoiler: we both like the Puppy Dawgs. Elsewhere, Fig Jam notes that Jim Mora’s first season, while successful, wasn’t the world beater everyone in Seattle thinks it was. Additionally, the following questions and topics are discussed:

Is this Chip Kelly’s last game at Oregon? Sanctions around the corner for Oregon? (PUHLLLLEAAAASSSSE?) If the Utah State coach is done with his bowl game, why is Barry Alvarez coaching Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl? Are Texas, Notre Dame, and USC the most idiot-proof coaching jobs in the country? If so, how short a leash should Mack Brown and Lane Kiffin be on after mediocre seasons? How many reasons are there for a Lear Jet to travel from Madison to Corvallis and back?

All that and we pick the bowl games against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

12.21.2012 Pac-12 Football Podcast