10.30.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – I make the obvious BJ Denker joke

Denker? Damn near killed her!

Washington scores 40 for once and handles a Cal team the Dawgs were way better than. Oregon ran away from UCLA. USC made Utah look inept.

How did the Utes beat Stanford? How did that happen? Only four games this week. I’ll be honest I’m most looking forward to Arizona State @ WSU. THESE TEAMS HATE EACH OTHER.

Fig Jam did great against the spread last week btw. Oh also we lost our connection for a minute at around 11:00 of this and I did a terrible job keeping the show going while I reestablished it.

All this and we pick every game against the spread. Click the link below to enjoy!

10.30.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast