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A tale of three talents: Craig Chambers, Kavario Middleton, Anthony Boyles

Self quote self quote in your face, self quote in your face (from the podcast): Constable Echelon: “If Kavario Middleton doesn’t show up next season looking like a man…which he has not…you know he’s looked like a guy with a lot of talent, but still kind of, maybe, doughy, and still kind of looking like […]

Who Are The Ad Wizards… Who Came Up With The Holmgren Collectible Coin?

Sager Bombs The Seahawks team store always has had some really bizarre items in it, but this for some reason really entertains me.  That little blurb up there is on one side of the coin… if you want to see the whole thing click the link and enjoy.  My favorite parts of the coin: It’s not […]

A Few Things For Seattle Sports Fans To Be Thankful For

Sager Bombs No, really.  I know things are at an incredible low right now, but there really are things to be thankful for.  Here are just a few of them…

A Trend Indeed: Catchphrase Alert!

Echelon Anyone else fired up for the new Sean William Scott, Paul Rudd, McLovin vehicle, “Role Models”?!? Anyone? Well maybe this will change your mind. Youtube disabled embedding of this :30 trailer, but I’m linking it to show off this fall’s hottest new accessory. Sayeth Sean William Scott: WHAT? Seriously I can’t stop saying it. […]