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Fideo Friday: In Case You Missed This

B-Roy shit on David Lee. Get off of him boy!

Top 10 NBA Plays With Snoop Dogg

This is a delightful countdown of the best plays of the 2008-09 NBA season. Somehow scientists need to invent the option of having Snoop doing running commentary in a little box in the bottom of the screen for anything on TV.

Week 4 Pac-10 Hoops Preview (Beta)

Constable Echelon I react to every game on the docket this week in the Pac-10. If I like the game, it’s in bold. This will usually run on Thursdays but the Wednesday game pushed it up this week. Will feature a game of the week from Robin Thicke, as well as Obamanalysis ™.

Brandon Roy on PTI

B-Roy went off for 52 points against the Phoenix Suns last night. It was the most points he has scored at ANY level. Today he graced television screens around the country on PTI. Hopefully many were turned on by his wholesome smoothness.

Brandon Roy, “a thinking man’s star”

Echelon Sparko had this linked from his g chat, and I thought I’d pass it along. Great article from CNNSI’s Ian Thomsen on UW legend Brandon Roy: Of the league’s young wing players, the 6-6 Roy is among the least impressive athletically. But it’s a loser’s daydream to imagine how good Roy might have been […]

Fideo Friday: B-Roy – The Legend Continues

Brandon Roy added to his Resume of awesome things last night with a clutch performance against the Houston Rockets.  B-Roy scored the final 5 points for the Blazers in overtime.  The first 2 came off a sweet 20-ft. turnaround to put the Blazers up 98-96.  The Rockets came down and Yao Ming hit an and-one […]

UW Hoops Exhibition Wrap: Too Easy for Isaiah Thomas

Constable Echelon/everyone Part of me worried I had unrealistic hopes for UW freshman Isaiah Thomas. I’m not worried anymore.

Brandon Roy to Have Jersey Retired

After the Dawg Dash, the lady at the Husky ticket booth dropped this little gem on me: The Dawgs are retiring Brandon Roy’s #3 on January 22 against USC. I haven’t been able to find anything about this on Go Huskies, so this may be a scoop. Get your tickets now. This is a night […]