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10.16.2013 Pac-12 Football Podcast – Stanford predictably loses after Shaw wastes week whining about prior game

Want to know how to get your team to lose focus? Ask David Shaw from Staaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhnford! He wasted last week ranting about a perceived slight from Steve Sarkisian. Shaw’s Cardinal responded as if they weren’t focused on Utah and went out and lost a shocker in the SLC. Oregon made it 10 in a row […]

Kevin Durant deleted a tweet

1. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?! 2. WHAT DOES IT MEAN THAT HE DELETED IT?!?!?! (1. What it says; 2. Nothing)

UW Hoops: Tac-Town Business

Venoy Overton: Bad for Parents of Teen Girls, Great from Bracket Names

To be fair, we don’t know if/where he came I have high hopes for this year. After all, Venoy has already advanced on two Sweet Sixteens. H&F proudly presents the best Venoy-inspired bracket names for this March Madness go-round. 10: Movie Night at Venoy’s 9: Is #11 too low?

Gonzaga Rams

In a sign of their nationwide respect and relevance, Gonzaga was referred to as the “Rams” in the AP writeup on shortly after their loss to San Diego State. Full image capture in post. Rams!

Get Ready For The Lobos!

So what should you know about these Newer Mexicans? 1.  Their coach is Steve Alford, famous for his cowardly plea. 2.  Their best player is Darington Hobson, who sounds like he should be some kind of villainous billionaire. 3.  Their next best player is Roman Martinez, who sounds like he should be a Mexican dude […]

Fideo Friday: Basketball Mixtapes and White People

White guys who can ball are in a difficult spot. They may be good, but their skills just aren’t as filthy as their black counterparts. When it comes to mixtapes, what is a white guy supposed to do? Answer: He has to openly mock himself with shitty graphics and 80’s butt rock. Nevertheless, this video […]

Week 3 Pac-10 Hoops Preview

I figure with UW out to a 1-3 conference start I ought to bring back last season’s Pac-10 Hoops Preview posts. To shake things up at least. I follow my favorite soccer team like a civilized sports fan. I check the score of Everton’s game after it happens. If they win? I read it. If […]

Fideo Friday: The Double Bigot

This guy does an excellent job merging two stereotypes.

President Taft lauds 55 point performance of Brandon Jennings

President William Howard Taft joined Americans everywhere in admiration of Milwaukee Bucks rookie Brandon Jennings’ 55 point outburst against the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night. “This young negro in Milwaukee impressed all Americans with his ability to fill up the peach basket,” Taft gushed. “As excited as I was to review a telegram report […]