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Ohio State vs Oregon Title Game Picks

The line we picked on was Oregon -6. Fig Jam: Oregon Constable Echelon: Oregon Dirty Wurm: Ohio State (hero)

Kevin Durant deleted a tweet

1. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!?! 2. WHAT DOES IT MEAN THAT HE DELETED IT?!?!?! (1. What it says; 2. Nothing)

Mariners in first pla….oh wait they lose

Brandon League and David Pauley combined to blow a 5-1 9th innning lead against the Nats. Smoak had a crucial error to let the leadoff man get on board. It was 5-2 with 2 outs. Then one thing led to another and Wilson Ramos hit a 3 run walkoff off David Pauley. All with the […]

NBC: The New York Rangers are not talented

From the tv listings on

Gonzaga Rams

In a sign of their nationwide respect and relevance, Gonzaga was referred to as the “Rams” in the AP writeup on shortly after their loss to San Diego State. Full image capture in post. Rams!

Sonicsgate documentary is painful, worthwhile

I’m actually not sure that watching this is a good use of your time. It made me angry. I guess when I say this documentary chronicling the demise of the NBA in Seattle is “worthwhile”, I’m saying that it is well made. Or something. The scene that stuck out to me was where hundreds of […]

Mike Blowers is scary accurate

Anybody still paying attention to the Mariners? I know I’m not, so thanks to Adam S. for passing this fantastic link along. The Mariners’ broadcast team does a “Pick to Click” feature where they highlight a player they believe is due for a notable performance. Last Sunday in Toronto, Mariners color guy Mike Blowers pegged […]

Oregon: Stop Being Hypocritical While You Do The Right Thing

Oregon should be commended for taking swift action against LaGarrette Blount. If anything, they almost acted too fast and too strong. I don’t think anyone in the Pac-10 would have been shocked if he’d received a 4 game suspension and was back on the field for the conference stretch run. But hey, if Oregon wants […]

Everton to add Valencia’s Ever Banega on loan (…maybe)

Fresh off of last weekend’s near upset of Arsenal, David Moyes has been been trying to add talent to Everton in an effort to avoid relegation crash the top four. The problem as always with Everton is a lack of money. Adam Smith was quoted once as saying, “Everton are so po’, they can’t afford […]

Nuggets Rebellion goes to a new level – NBA interests unsafe

Constable Echelon For anyone questioning which team the NBA wanted to win Game 3 of the Nuggets-Mavericks, I have two words: Bennett Salvatore. Image: